My Double Lung Transplant

Friday, October 12, 2007

Nothing New Under the Sun

As suggested by the title, there's nothing new to report. Really. Well....maybe that's a small lie. Monday night i got no sleep (did i state that? that i finally fell asleep at 4am? Maybe I did and have forgotten). Well, I slept Tuesday night and was fine)

Wednesday i studied all day for a Thursday midterm. I went to bed at 11 pm and got no sleep. Not a single hour of sleep. Not 45 minutes, not even 20.

I saw every. single. frigging.hour.

It was hell. I was so frustrated I cried, i kicked, i moaned, i got out of breathe being so rolly. And to make it better, I had an exam first thing in the morning.

My poor shriveled, dried-up brain.

Needless to say I wrote the midterm and it went well ( I hope). I am also hoping that I didn't hallucinate the entire thing and completely fuck it up. Lets all keep our fingers, toes and other extremities crossed.

Thankfully I slept last night. A whole 9 and a half hours. It was splendid and I woke up still tired but will just have to make it up by sleeping the entire day away tomorrow. WOO HOO!. Today i had to go for my IV and it went well, blah blah. Got my CT scan from the hosp today. It was done in 2005 and i got them to put it on a CD so when i go for my transplant evaluation they will have something to compare one to. That's about it. Life is pretty normal at the moment.

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