My Double Lung Transplant

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Initially this was supposed to be called "Titless" and for some reason i wrote it as "Titlest" which when i read confused me and i couldn't really figure out what i actually meant. Then it proceeded to remind me of those golf balls that have "Titlist" or w/e written on them and i remembered that I don't really know how to say it properly and instead i always say, "tit-lee-ist". Whichever it is, I'm sure i've confused us all.

Today was a rather discombobulating day for me. I went to bed at 11pm last night only to not be able to fall thoroughly asleep until about 4am. I would sleep for 40 minutes (not deeply tho) before waking up long enough to glance at the clock and get frustrated. I'd move, my arm would go numb from being on one side for too long and i'd either get hot or cold from being overexposed by my fan or smothered by my blankets. I tossed, i turned, i rolled, i moaned, i banged against the wall, i slept like a mummy, and alas i put my pillow at the foot of my bed and soon fell asleep. It was then, at roughly 3:30am that i decided i would not be waking up at 8am to attend my 10am class. No no, i would be sleeping in till 9:30 and would go to my 11:30 instead, that way i was guarunteed more sleep.

It made no difference. Once I was all ready i semi-happily walked downstaids and got my breakfast ready, when i noticed 2 of the dogs were locked in the laundry room. As i walked to the door to let them out i stepped in a huge pile of piss. Not just a small puddle/accident, it was a i've-been-saving-up-my-pee-all-morning-just-for-when-you-came-downstairs-so-you-could-have-the-pleasure-of-stepping-in-it-in-bare-feet-and-have-your-pant-leg-soak-up-most-of-if-as-well. So after i finished screaming and swearing and threatening to strangle someone, i let the dogs outside, got my breakfast gobbled up, and i was halfway out the door when....

I stepped in more. It had spread under the door. So now my other foot was soaked in dog pee as well as my other pant leg. And yes, these pants JUST got washed. I walked to the bus stop not really giving a shit if i missed it or not, and lo and behold not 1, but 3 busses drove by in the 5 minutes it took me to walk to the stop. So i waited about 10 minutes and another one came. I made it to school 5 minutes late but that's better than not going at all!! On top of this, my chest is feeling exceptionally shitty today but quite honestly, why bother mentioning it anymore?

I struggled to stay awake in my Prehistory class, which now that i'm in third year, is a lot smaller than first and second year courses. Not only that but it was boring. I stuck around and went to my last class (woot me!) and i actually got my last bit of reading done for a class, so i can write the notes up tonight, finish reading more notes from my anthro class and study for my midterm on Thurs. WOOOOOOO.

Thankfully, i have no class tomorrow.

In happy news, i had an epiphany/premonition today while eating lunch. I could see myself actually working and having a job as an adult and i knew that everything will be alright once i get my new lungs:)

Everything will be ok!!!!!!

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