My Double Lung Transplant

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Everybody knows...

Welp, I gathered up my boobies and told my nana and papa yesterday that i need a tx. I was originally stricken with fear b/c as i began telling them i started crying, which probably made them think i was dying or something. And then my papa came over and put his arm on my back and said, "It's ok - you can tell us" So i squeaked out, " I need a lung transplant...."

There were blank faces.



I wanted to stab myself.

And then, my nana's face moved and she proclaimed, "THAT'S WONDERFUL!"

My papa said, "Is that all? That's great!" HOLY SHIT! I'm so happy they reacted that way! I explained to them that we didn't tell them sooner (tho i wanted to but somebody in my house didn't want to tell them *squint) b/c we didn't really know that much. Which was true. And is true. So needless to say the whole entire family knows about me needing a transplant now and my nana and papa proclaimed their devotional support to me and i love them so so so much i could squish both of them in a giant hug.

What else? I've been busy with midterms and blah blah. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving here in Canada and as a result we are headed up to Durham to eat at my cousin's place and i am tres excited! Something different! Usually we have Thanksgiving at my nana and papa's house and my mum's brother and wife and my cousins come. But this year we're going to my dad's side (we decided at my uncles funeral that we need to see eachother more than just when someone dies) so yeah...woo hoo! It's gonna be nice and hot too so that's exciting!

Today i have jumbles and jumbles and mountains of homework. I am currently waiting for my sister to finish doing her nails so we can go to the mall. I need sports bras since mine all have metal on them, and when i go for my transplant evaluation, if i need x-rays and CT scans and all that, i don't want to be taking my bra on and off so a sports will help, and it will also help after tx b/c regular ones will just hurt.

Look at me, i've gone and babbled about nothing. I am gonna go. Ta ta and HAPPY THANKSGIVING MY FELLOW CANADIANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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It's Her said...

YAY for all knowing! And yay for ur grandparents not needing heart txs!! :)