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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Perks to being a "Sickie"

Yeah yeah, as much as being a health invalid sucks, it can have it perks. So why keep babbling, let's get to it:

1) On days you want people to just leave you alone, they do: all you have to do is cough

2) You know for a fact that when you are sick, eating lots of fruit and stuff doesn't always make you feel better. It's all the more reason to just eat crap and not gain a pound - and feel emotionally better about your fragile state

3) When people ask you want you want, no matter how demanding or stupid it may seem, they generally do it. Like today for example, my dad asked what I wanted for dessert after supper. I half jokingly/half seriously said, "Chocolate cake" and he went out and picked up dessert and to my shock he got ME a small chocolate tart (or tort? i don't know) and everyone else apple crisp. AWWWWWW

4) You don't need an excuse to sleep for hours on end. People generally just accept it

5) When people bitch and moan that they're tired and feeling unwell, others give them crap. But when you bitch and moan that you feel crap, people treat you like a rock star

6) Other's are grossed out by 'normal' people's cough, but not yours

7) It's acceptable to not share anything with other people - not selfish

8) People comment on how you can eat and eat and not gain a pound. While it can be a pain in the ass, you secretly marvel in the fact that you can be pig and make a spectacle of your horrendous eating habits, and it will never show. Putting on weight is something to celebrate, not be ashamed of!

9) You don't need a reason to look gross. Sometimes you just do, and that's ok. No one judges you; they know things are 'tough'

10) Generally, when ppl find out you have a condition they're all the more nicer to you. You know that had they had never found out about said condition, they'd continue being a bitch to you, and that this is all BS. But they can't be mean to you b/c that's just wrong - afterall, you're 'sick'!

Enjoy my sickies!

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