My Double Lung Transplant

Tuesday, October 2, 2007


I feel like shart today. My lungs hate me, my body hates me, the bus hates me, and i hate them.

1) i woke up on time and was ready on time for school. Was about 10 feet from the bus standing on the curb when it pulls up, i flash my student card indicating i have every intention of boarding. The bus driver looked at me, and happily drove off. After i had rushed to the bus stop i was severely out of breath and wanting to die. As she drove off i was 99.999% close to crying, and just as i felt the tears trickling in my wee eyes, another bus strolled up and i promptly boarded. Still, after i had put forth so much energy just to make it to the bus on time, all i really wanted to do was turn around and go home.

2) Getting to class stole every ounce of energy i had today. My legs felt all tingly and rubbery like i could fall at any second. It is really hard to take even a tiny deep breath in - even the smallest of the small. Impossible...strangle-worthy.

3) I come home (luckily my mum picked me up) and my sister is on my comp. lately, despite the fact that she has her very own laptop, she insists on using mine! Not only that but she loves to go out of her way when i'm on it in the middle of something - or better yet, demand to use my printer even though she has her own. As a result, i am changing the password to my comp. SO EAT IT!

That's about it - i feel better after ranting. I hope i hear word about when my eval is scheduled.

Hope you all had a better day than moi!


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