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Friday, September 28, 2007

Everybody's sick; it's disgusting

Everybody's sick.






It's disgusting.

Several things are of concern to those of us who are respirologically challenged when Sick Season rolls around - or maybe it's people in general.

First: Cough into your sleeve; not your hand.

Second: Wash your hands as much as possible, please and thank you.

Third: When you blow your nose, THROW YOUR KLEENEX'S OUT! Don't throw them lovingly on the counter, or toss them laughingly away to the side, or cram them into your pocket and squish the germs around.

Last but not least: SHOWER. One thing about sick people, that sick people themsevles never seem to pick up on, is the fact that they smell. They don't just smell; they reek. Yeah, it's pretty true. And it's pretty fucken awful. It's pretty fucking awful when these sick people open up their mouths to speak to you, breath on on you in the process, and their breath smells like death. Like some horrible emission from the Ghastly Depth of Infection. It's not nice, it's not pleasant, it's not funny.

I guess bottom line, SICK PEOPLE, try your best and stay home. Or at least make an attempt to stay healthy so you don't get everyone else sick.


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It's Her said...

A none related sick thing, but none the less, a hyjeine thing: Why put your handbag up on the counter??? Hello!!! It's been on the floor of bathrooms for pete's sake :P