My Double Lung Transplant

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Not Much Under the Sun that the right expression?

Oh well.

Either way, i am back. For those of you who missed me, no, i did not fall and get run over by a bus, or mysteriously sink into the ground and disappear. I have actually been here at home pondering what to write about. Nothing has happened really. I ran out of Zithro on Friday (and didn't know it) only to discover last night when i was supposed to take it that i had no refills. Oh well.

Howard is still in the pond. Next to Howard the Frog, we have Chippy, yup you guessed it: HE'S A CHIPMUNK! He's got a fat little head that he stuffs with nuts, and his head looks disporportionately bigger than his body and his tail is pretty much a stump. He lives under a rock beside our pond and pretty much has dug himself a home. That little bastard.

Currently I sit here, listening to Dick in a Box and talking to Rosie. Rosie is 1 year, 2 months and 3 days post transplant. She has a chest infection from going on vacation and told me her function has 'dropped' to 90%.

90%. Yes. Meanwhile i sit here at 27%. Something is wrong but oh well. I hope Rosie gets better and bounces up and beyond 100% in no time. I can't wait to be 90% one day!

What else? School starts in a week. I have an appt tomorrow at school to meet with the CSD councellor and will look into purchasing my mass amounts of textbooks. Blah.

Back to school. Back to school. What can I say? The leaves are beginning to change too. Who knew it would happen so fast? Halloween stuff is already up in the stores!



Posie said...

Fantastic as ever!

It's Her said...

I'm SO honoured to be mentioned in the same sentance as dick in the box.... but i thold you that already...

Keeo up the good work! :P