My Double Lung Transplant

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Holy Shit

Holy batman Christmas.

I am broken.

My body; my back; my voice; my muscles, my brain: all broken. Every cell, every inch, every creatin level - broken.

The cause of this breakage? My 18 month old 'neice' Jocelyn (she's my friends daughter). She is a doll and I love her to bits, but i am tired, lol.

Up and down the stairs she goes, and up and down again. Round in round in circles she runs, holding onto my arms and laughing. Me, spinning in circles, huffing and puffing, near vomitting. It was fun, but i am glad i could return her to her rightful owner at 9:30 tonight.

Jocelyn is at the age where she immitates people. You burp, she'll burp. You cough, she'll cough. You huff and puff, she'll huff and puff. I couldn't understand why, when i was putting her pink Crocs on, why she was huffing and puffing. Sometimes she'll blow and try to 'woof' like a dog, and it sounds like huffing, but when i looked at her when she did it, she laughed and did it again. Shit! I realized. She's immitating me!

For anyone who's respirologically challenged, you generally don't realize when and if you huff and puff. I am one of those people, b/c apparently, I tend to do it when i havent done anything to warrant it. I guess people think i'm always in labour or something. Anyways, this is just one thing that Jocelyn did tonight to make me feel weird, lol.

Secondly, when we were playing piano (Ok, I was playing, b/c i'm trained, she was banging and singing "la la la BOOK!" and threw in the odd "mow" (meow like a cat) and "woof!"). As she was playing and clapping, she grabbed the top of my shirt, pulled it down, and yelled, "BOOB!" It echoed times ten for all to hear.

It was eventful, it was tiring, and i will be a lot sorer tomorrow. But it is a feeling that I wouldn't trade anything in the world for. I love spending time with this little creature.
Thank you for spending the day with me, Silly!

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