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Monday, September 17, 2007

The House Next Door

There is a house next door.

Old people live in it. They are both very nice and we talk to them all the time. When they go away in the summer (which is quite frequently) they ask me to take care of their cat when they are away and I do. Everyday (if i remember) I go over to feed her. She is a beautiful tourtise shell covered cat with the softest fur you will probably ever feel. She has striking green eyes but she cries a lot when her mummy and daddy go away. You have you be careful about how close you get to her or else she will swat you. Her name is Mia (Mee-a).

Mia likes to go outside, but unfortunately for her when her parents vacate I don't let her go out b/c once she disappeared behind a shed for a day or two. Needless to say I open their back door and only pull the screen across for her so that is the closest she gets to going outside. By me doing this to her, she repays me by hiding in the basement and not coming upstairs to greet me. That's ok b/c it makes my visit shorter so I don't have to spend hours over there playing with her to make her feel less lonely.

This is when it gets scary. *insert "Halloween" theme music here*

Yesterday I went over at about 7pm to feed her supper. When i stepped inside I noticed she wasn't waiting on the usual couch for me so i assumed she must be in the basement. I walked over to the stairs and called "Miiiiiia! Miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiaaaaaa!" and heard nothing. It was then when i turned around that i noticed, that the guest room door behind me was closed and a light was on behind it.

My eyes bugged open and panic set in. I contemplated walking up and opening the door to see if the sun was causing this, but i refrained. What if someone was inside waiting to kill me and chop me up?! Could someone be in the house waiting for me? I looked into their laundry room and saw that the door leading into the garage was unlocked. Even more fear set it. I rushed into the kitchen, fed the cat as fast as I could, and got the fuck out of there.

Today, I went over to feed her breakfast, the feeling of fear and dread fresh in my soul. I stepped in their house and again Mia was MIA. I walked over to the basement stairs and called her to let her know it was time for breakfast. Again, the light behind the door was on, and i knew it wasn't the sun b/c the sun was at the back of the house at the time. Again, i fed the cat as soon as i could and got the fuck out of there.

Tonight came the horror. I went over to feed Mia who again was in the basement. Instead of going to the stairs and calling her, i fed her first, then went to the stairs and called her. When I was done, i turned towards the door and the light was on. I began hearing the Halloween theme song in my head - seriously. I took a 'deep' breath in, gathered up my ovaries and opened the door.....

My heart stopped.Starring back at me were probably 10-12 porcelain dolls on a bed against a wall, lined up one right after the other. Just staring, some smiling, some old with age. The light in the room was on except the switch was off. Needless to say that alone was enough to scare the shit out of me and i booked it so fast i thought my lungs would explode. I have had a fear of porcelain dolls every since i had a dream about one when i was a kid, and ever since i saw the movie 'dolls'.

Needless to say, don't go snopping around your neighbours houses b/c you might just have the shit scared out of you!

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