My Double Lung Transplant

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Bathtub Time

Feb-March 2003

I remember i was still in the hospital with my newly aquired chest infection, that had been raging for months but had gone undiagnosed up until now. I was so sick i couldn't walk from my bed to the bathroom which was bout 2 feet away from the other. I must have been only a few days in b/c i don't think i had my surgery yet. I was so tired. I was tired, and angry, and I wanted to go home. After a few days they let me take a shower. I remember i locked myself in the room while my mum waited outside. I will always remember this shower.

After about 10 minutes my mum knocked on the door. "Are you ok?" she wondered. "Yes." i replied back. I remember I was so tired that i was sitting on the bathtub floor while the shower overhead continued running. To make this even more special i couldn't get my one arm wet and had it in a plastic medical bag to prevent my IV from becoming botched. I will never forget the feeling of saddness and pain i felt as I sat on that bathtub floor. I felt like my life was over.

Fast forward to tonight, Sept 20, 2007.

I hadn't showered all day. I have been doing homework like a good student and wanted to reward myself at the end of the day. Well tonight so far 2 ppl had had showers and i know my mum would want to be the 3rd when she got home from golf. But being me, i completely forgot. So here i was, doing hw when my dad strolls into my room to inform me my mother was home.

FUCK. I knew she'd want a shower so i swear to god, i moved as fast as any respirologically challenged person could, and i flew to the bathroom, wiped off my bathing suit and shorts from tanning today (it was 30 today!) and got everything ready. I stepped into the shower and all of a sudden exhaustion flooded over me. I was panting and suffocating b/c i was too consumed with victory that I didn't use my oxygen, and I was so caught up in beating my mum to the shower i had exhausted myself in the process, and alas, there i sat, showering on the bathtub floor.

I have not done this since that night at the hospital. It kind of brought a smile to my face b/c even tho it is slightly pathetic it IS kind of funny.

Maybe I am just a complete weirdo.


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