My Double Lung Transplant

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Class is Cancelled

Hip Hip Horray!

Once again i have started off with a cheer. What is wrong with me? Well, i had my first class at 10am today only to finished and head to my next one to discover it is cancelled. Now, i could have easily discovered that this moring had my java applications been working properly, but no it didn't and alas i went to my anthro class, breathlessness and all to see it's cancelled.

Why is it cancelled you ask? B/c my prof lost her voice, that's frigging why. So i came to the libs and got a pop, which so kindly errupted all over the floor infront of the elevators, and made my hands all sticky. As a result, the table i am working on has gotten sticky and now the keyboard. Sorry fuck who gets here next!

Anywho, there are some things about my consult i never mentioned. Firstly, i had to bring recent chest x-rays on either a CD or a film. The place i got them done at are apparently ghetto and they gave me the films. When i presented them to my doctors the other day, the look on their faces wasn't happiness at my compliance but rather they looked stunned and offended that I would even offer them X-RAY FILMS. As a result, the resident had to go off and find a box to look at them on. To make it better, they GAVE THE X-RAYS back to me. For keeps. Forever and ever and ever.

And ever.

I couldn't fall asleep lastnight. Finally dozed off at 2am, woke up for class at 8am. I had a really good dream that i got my lung transplant. Seriously. And it wasn't scary and it wasn't horrible either. I am just upset i only slept for 6 hours. Usually i fall asleep in my 11:30 anthro class but alas today I did not have to. I can sit here for another 50 minutes pretty much until my next class, and then i again have another class. Boo.

Anyways this is boring. TTFN!

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