My Double Lung Transplant

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Consult Day

Hip hip horray!
Hip hip horray!
Hip hip horray!

Ok now that that is over I shall get on to today's events. I woke up late, tired as hell. Blah blah blah. We left for TO at 10:30 coz the 401 may be bunged up. I was nervous/scared. We get into the car and speed out of the driveway like mad people and guess what song was playing on the radio when we turned the car on? "I sometimes wanna die"

Yeah, it made me feel really bad.

Anywho fast forward to 1pm. I have my PFTs. They were uneventful. My results showed me functioning overall at 29% - last ones were 27% but thats not a difference at all ( it could be b/c of the machine too). I had my 6 minute walk. Resting sats were 88% and walking sats (without oxygen) were 81%. It was funny b/c my lungs are so bad now that when you breathe out to your full capacity, they usually scream "keep blowing keep blowing keep blowing keep blowing!" but instead today the woman said, "keep coughing keep coughing keep coughing keep coughing!" It made me laugh.

I was lucky enough to have an audience watch my walk test, as the intern doctors (or Eager Beavers as i call them) all watched and pointed at me as my numbers flucuated on the machine. I could hear the machine beeping as i de-satted and i started laughing b/c no matter where i am in a hosp, when i hear that specific beep i know it means someone has low blood oxygen. It's usually me. When i walked by the doc and asked, "is that me?" (half laughing) she yells, "DON'T WORRY KEEP WALKING!" and i wanted to scratch her. I wanted to scratch all the interns too. It made me think of Christina on Grey's Anatomy in the promo's when she sees the new interns and says, "I want to cut their heads off; i hate them already."

What next? Yes yes, the appt with the doctor. My first thought when i saw him was "He looks like Eric Clapton" and secondly, he's very nice! They went over my medical history and blah blah and finally he came in and we discussed even more me-ness. He said i asked great questions and really seemed to know my stuff. He said i make a great candidate and we are going to go ahead AND EVALUATE ME!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! Lift your skirts up and spread your confetti!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOO!!!! So excited!

He said it MAY be too early to list me BUT considering the fact that I am small and have B blood, it COULD work against me if i wait so i think when i get evaluated they may go ahead and list me anyways! I AM SO EXCITED! We left the hosp in good spirits and this time as we sped out of the parking lot like mad people, "Bring Me to Life" was playing on the radio. I am SO happy with how this appt went!

BEFORE I GO i have to thank people: firstly, my FRIENDS Krstyal, Katey, Tara for giving me physical support all the time and letting me bitch and stuff and never shut up. I love you all more than anything and I am so thankful to each and everyone of you! Your thoughts and prayers have been felt by me and if my arms were big enough i would hug you all at once and squeeze you all until you melted into a pile of goo.

Secondly, my OTHER friends, the ones who have been through this themselves or just in general 'aren't right'. Lindsay, Rosie, Caitlin,Grant, Risa, BreathinSteven, Blake, Kayla, Graves and all my other lung buddies @ the CF board - your support and stories have meant so much to me, and i have literally felt every prayer and thought you have said and sent my way. If only i could repay the favour face to face i would, but somhow we would all end up getting eachother sick or something so for now an e-hug will have to do.

So yeah...tell your organs that they've been good to you, and that when you don't need them anymore, ask them to be good to someone else...

That is all for now. THANK YOU SO MUCH!