My Double Lung Transplant

Saturday, September 22, 2007

3 Days....

Transplant consult is 3 days!




All of the above!

The last couple of days i have felt like S-H-I-T. Do you know what that spells? SHIT! It seems like i can't walk 5 feet w/o getting breathless, and it seems that i am having trouble inhaling all my medication. Yippee. That probably explains why my throat is sore. Blah. Blah. And blah. But what can you do? I have my consult in 3 days and hopefully I am on my way towards transplant and will be on the mend in due time. WOO HOO!

In other news, Howard is still here. He is sticking around and i hope that he chooses to freeze himself in our pond over the winter, as it will be exciting to see him thaw in the spring! Someone told my mum at work that if there is dirt in your pond (our pond is Dad made, not natural) than they will freeze themselves. I am half way to throwing mounds and mounds of dirt into the pond just for that fact.....But luckily, Chippy, our chipmunk who has decided to hibernate around our pond (it's surrounded by rocks), has done that work for me. He is digging diggging digging his way into the ground to make a home and as a result we have all of this dirt everywhere b/c of the little shit. Some of this dirt has flung itself into the pond and i hope that is enough to please Howard. I am actually quite upset over the idea that Howard is a free spirit who could hop away on any given day and choose another pond to dwell in (our neighbour has one but he's got monstrous fish in it), so the fact that he is sticking around makes me happy. I go out every day to make sure he is still here. And i hope to god he spends the winter with us!

And lastly, today is the first day of fall. I am sad that i didn't have the sense to write an article on the last day of summer yesterday:( Truely, I am gutted. So let's recap for next year shall we? The last day of summer, September 21, 2007, was a gloriously hot day, about 30*C and humid and i loved it! Summer truely was spectacular and I am glad it went out with a bang (though i am sad it had to leave at all). Summer - you were so good to us this year, please stick around for fall!

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