My Double Lung Transplant

Saturday, August 4, 2007

So tired of being tired...

My god this shit is getting old.

The last 2 days i have been really tired. I tried napping which never worked. Today i helped clean the house a bit - I vaccumed my room and got tired and out of breath. I did the laundry and got tired. I took it outside to hang up on the line and that made me tired. I hung it on the line and that made me tired and sore. Carrying the basket with the wet clothes was the worse, b/c i had to stop twice to catch my breath. I am sick, sick, sick of this shit already!!!

I'm becoming afraid of the steps b/c i get so tired taking them. I went to visit my friend Jess and her daughter Jocelyn(my neice!) today, and when we walked up the stairs at her place I got tired. I picked up Jocelyn and got out of breathe and chest pain from it. I heard you can get muscle pain when your body demands more oxygen then you can supply, which accounts for the pain. My pain is in my upper chest on each side where the top of my lungs are. It makes perfect sense; i get it when i just finish walking somewhere too. It's becoming more of a burden and something i am afraid of, b/c not only do i get tired, i get out of breath and get pains all at the same time. I was dizzy a lot again today too b/c it was so hot. Ugh.

What else? Somehow, of all the bizarre things to happen, i managed to block my MSN and hotmail access. You know how on your computer you have the option of restricting and blocking access to certain sites? I beleive that's what i accidentally did. It's got something to do with a firewall, i'm not entirely sure though. All i know is that i'm incredibly upset and going through MSN withdrawl. As well since this happened, every website i check out isn't updated. I get onto the site and have to instantly refresh it. It's annoying! If anyone knows what i did, please post in the guestbook and let me know and how i can fix it ! THANX!!

Hugs to everyone. Lets all go to sleep. WOO HOO!

*dives into bed*

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