My Double Lung Transplant

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Just Another Day

Just another day here. Sorry i don't have another outrageous or bizarre title, but today i do not.

Firstly, i should leave a note for DAYNA, who so kindly heeds my orders when i encourage you ppl to COMMENT or sign the guest book (you see the guestbook? it's swearing at you - sign it please damnitt! *smile*) I updated my contacts if you would like to msg me. My AOL/AIM screen name is Bree0885.

Not much is happening in the Land of Bree today. I got a good sleep but it wasn't long, and as well I made a new friend thanx to a board/AOL. Another chickey like myself who just got listed for a lung tx last week! I msged her and i completely forgot when she told me i did, so needless to say I felt like an asshole when i forgot. It must by my oxygen deprived brain...So yes, i informed her that I too will hopefully be listed once the transplant evaluation is done. I am feeling rather shoddy as of late. No real relief from any meds. I'm not phlegmy anymore (at least not overly so the way i was back in May and June), but i'm just tight and restricted feeling and I know that's my crap lungs and the scar tissue.

I met with my RT on Monday and she told me my chest sounded clearer. I told her not to make me laugh when she lies but she said she wasn't. She said there were still squeaks and wheezes and whistles in there but not the way it sounded before - mucky and wet. I asked her if it was possible for your chest to sound clear but to still need a lung tx and she said, "Yes. What you have is completely irreversable." I felt special.

So yeah....a little over a month until I go for my first consult! I am excited and scared. I hope they say i should be evaluated and then get listed. I can't wait to feel well but for now i just have to roll with the crap!

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