My Double Lung Transplant

Thursday, August 16, 2007

I, Robot

The humidity has come back and as a result i sound like a robot b/c of my wheezing. It's this high pitched, swirly sounding noise emitted whenever i inhale. I noticed it in the bathroom when it was amplified times 10 b/c of the echo. To add to this, I am tired and running on about 6-7 hours of sleep. I woke up at 3am and couldn't get back to sleep till about 5:30. I was very tired when i finally awoke at 6:30 and i don't remember the drive here to work. Thankfully, thanx to my addiction and faith in Coca Cola, i am fully awake for the time being and functioning at my usual poor level.

In other news, the world is ending. While hurricanes, earthquakes and 1-foot high tsunamis rage in Hawaii, Peru is rattled and rocked by a seismic 7.9 giant earthquake, 2 new hurricanes formed in the Atlantic, and a 3rd formed in the Gulf. Much of Canada and the United States are boiling in record setting heat, and it all seems to be coming to a head all at once. Exciting? Kind of. Scary? Yes.

I have yet to be in anything major. I've experienced tiny earthquakes, small tornados, and the leftovers of hurricanes (just rain, rain, rain.) The biggest 'disaster' we get here are snowstorms but i am thankful we have never suffered major devestation. We get major droughts though in the summer time, like this year, but still....I can only hope that the people who are going through this are ok!

In other news, Tara is departing for Po Po on Sunday. She is leaving behind me, Krystal and Katey until she returns in December. We will miss her dearly as she takes her studies abroad to Poland. This woman has been everywhere. Then when she gets back, Krystal abandons us for Iceland. Katey and I will be one friend short for a whole school year. It will be weird!

Anyways, i'm not saying anything of much importance. My 22nd birthday is in a week (yay!) and then Jenny and I are finished work here on the 24th. WOO HOO! I cannot wait to sleep in and enjoy the last of my summer!

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