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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Happy Blackout Anniversary

4 precious years ago exactly today (in 17 minutes!) the Eastern Seaboard in North America was plunged into darkness for 3 days. For myself, we were without power for 20 hours more or less. I had spent that latter half of the day lounging in the sun like a pig, catching some rays and scortching. My mum and sister suddenly noticed the fountain stopped running at 4:15. I payed no attention. Soon i got too hot and decided to go inside to the air. It wasn't until i got into the kitchen that i noticed the ceiling fan wasn't working. Hmm...funny I thought. Must be a blackout. Yeah, some blackout - all 20 hours of it! I sweltered that night, i slept outside it was so hot. We had candles everywhere. Funny thing was, you knew where your neighbours were in their houses when a candle would float by the window. I remember washing my face by candle light, until a stupid moth flew into the light and extinguished it. I spent the night with my family outside listening to a portable radio.One man was generous enough to call in and make the announcement that the power was out, but wondered whether or not the movie theatre would still be open...

It was weird when the power finally went back on the next day,watching all the footage on the TV. For once i had been part of something newsworthy and history making! Horray! I had a lot of fun and I won't lie when i say it would be pretty cool if it happened again - as long as it's in the summer.

Well, school is soon approaching (sadly) and that means that i have to go get my stuff for 3rd year. I'm not worried about that and i'm not worrying how i will do academically; i am worried about how i will fare navigating campus. I was beginning to have a lot of trouble at the end of 2nd year, and i'm about 10x worse than I was back in April when we finished. I know for a fact that I will have to bring oxygen with me and most likely bring it.

Does that thrill me? No. Will it emoitonally and materialistically make me feel better? No. Will it be completely embarassing? Yes. I don't know how i will make out, especially when it snows, b/c walking in snow takes a lot of our you b/c you have to tread your way through it, and you also have to layer yourself which adds weight. The bus stop is at the end of my street, and the mailbox is beside it. I drive to the mailbox b/c it's too time consuming and hard to walk there. What ever will i do?

Will i have to resort to getting a handicapped sticker so i can drive? God i hope not. I never thought i would get this bad's summer time and i always feel my best in summer. Who knows what winter will bring...who knows....i am very scared to say the least....

Happy Blackout Day!

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Dayna said...

Bree -

I'm not sure where exactly you are located - but - I'd like to talk to you via email - and I can't find yours here -

I think you have some options as far as school and how to make sure it works for you - at least if you go to school in the US - can you put a way to be contacted on my blog - I'd like to help with this one, and connect you to another girl I know, she's a junior in college I think - and she has totally figured out how to navigate the system.