My Double Lung Transplant

Monday, August 13, 2007

Is there anyone out there...

'Coz it's getting harder and harder to breathe...

Yesterday was semi-frightening when a huge plume of humidity floated across the city and rendered every respiralogically challenged person helpless. I myself, fell, literally, victim to this cloud. It rained on and off, and still the humidity hung around. It got light, it got dark, it got light again and then dark, and the more that cycle happened, the more humid it got. It wasn't until i left Jess's house and walked from her front door to my car that i realized just how effected i was by it. I sat in the driver's seat, panting and huffing and puffing, pain searing through my upper lungs, as a woman sat on her driveway staring at me. If i wasn't going into temporary respiratory failure I would have gotten up and strangled her for being rude. I drove off and still she stared. Too bad my arm was tingly b/c i wasn't above lifting it to extend my middle finger in her direction.

I am back at work today with nothing to do. I just got back from sitting in the mailroom with Jenny, replaying the events from the funeral. After informing her that i have no work to do we sat in silence and stared. She asked me if i was bored enough to want to see her blisters on her foot and i said yes. She sat on the table and whipped off her shoe and lifted her foot into the air, pointing to the fat, liquid filled blister located on the ball of her foot. It then encouraged me to lift my pant leg up to my crotch and point out the bruise i acquired scratching my thigh earlier today. It reminded me of yesterday when Jess announced to me and her boyfriend that she smelled, and that it was her deodorant that was the culprit. For once i'm not the only one whose deodorant can make them a smelly individual sometimes. You know it's bad when you repulse yourself. I wonder, if it's bad enough to make me physically wretch, have other people noticed it?

So here I sit, isolated as usual in my tiny homey cubicle, with the lights off. Why they're off I don't know, and I don't honestly know where the switch for it is b/c i went looking once and only managed to flick the lights off in the hallway behind me. I can sit here in darkness, that's not a problem.

There are only 9 more days according to Jenny until we are done here on August 24th, the day after my 22nd birthday. The picture at the top is of Jenny and myself last week at work, when we took a 40 minute break taking pictures instead of watching the clock taking the expected 15 minute one. The picture beside this is of my office, where almost all of my entries are written. Enjoy!

Before I go I must make the sad announcement of the disappearance of the fish in our pond. My dad built a pond in our back yard and we have/had 4 fish in it. We had the first 2 up until they disappeared on Tues from the middle of June. The other 2 were purchased weeks later, until the first one died, and then i found the other one dead on Saturday stuck behind a rock. My mum has come up with the theory that birds must have spotted them and swooped down and snatched them from our pond. Originally she hypothesized that they either jumped to freedom or that the rain we've had raised the water so much so that they floated out of the pond and into the flower bed, where i'm assuming they would have dried up and died if you want to add my morbid spin to it. Wherever you are, fish, I am sad that you're gone, b/c I greatly enjoyed watching you swim around.

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