My Double Lung Transplant

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

I gots the letter

Yes yes, the much anticipated letter from the transplant center has arrived.

I am excited and scared to say the least, especially since the only facts i remember from the thousand page document letter (it's not that long but it's about 7 pages which is close enough) is that transplants are recommended to those with severe enough end-stage lung disease that if they don't consider tx, they will die within 2 years. The other scary fact I remember is that only 50% of lung tx recipients are still alive after 5 years. I know a lot depends on that though, and i sincerely beleive i will get a good 30-40 years of out my new lungs (whenever that happens to be). I know Grant told me that the only people who die are the ones who aren't complient with their meds, diet, and all of that. Personally, and this is my horrible self coming out, i don't feel bad for the ones that fuck around and screw themsevles over. They know damn well that life is precious and that at any moment it can be snatched away from them, yet they continue to fuck around and ignore the fact that while they may be healthy, they are still very delicate.

I for one, when i am better, will dedicate myself to my lungs. Keeping them healthy and exercising and running around and being active will be my religion (next to eating food and drinking coke). I will be the most in-shape chick around, and I will round house kick people's asses better than Chuck Norris ever could. Molly Weasley will be given a run for her galleons when i scream, "NOT MY LUNGS YOU BITCH!" to anyone to attempts to cough, sneeze, or generally breathe on me. I will be a pillar of health - for once!

Thinking of all the things i WILL be able to do really excites me! Running up stairs, running in general, walking down the street, doing the laundry, SHOWERING - all of that without getting SOB is exciting. Hell, being able to SLEEP w/o oxygen is unfathomable. Since i began O2 in June i have not slept a night w/o it; i'm honestly afraid to. I'm afraid i'll stop breathing or something, lol.

So yes, my appt is scheduled for Sept 25th and i'm bringing along my mum and dad, and probably my sister, lol. I'm so happy they were all interested in the letter when it came and not acting weird like if they ignored it, the fact that my lungs are crap would disappear. For this appt, I will be getting my PFTs done, and then something called an ADL...dunno what that is. I hope it's not painful. Also, i have to bring a recent film or CD of my chest x-rays. I won't be surprised if the doc echos my chest doc from Sick Kids when he takes a look at them and announces that they're "completely disgusting". I'm used to that. Thanx...*scowl*

So anyways, that's it for now! Have a great day and if you're in Southern Ontario enjoy the muggy weather. YAY!

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Alice said...

I feel EXACTLY the same! Going to be super fit after tx!!! yay!!!