My Double Lung Transplant

Friday, August 24, 2007

I can has birthday time now, plz?

Yesturday was my birthday, which isn't to say that it's still not my birthday somewhere else. As a result, I am still obliged to party like it's August 23, 1985.

If you don't understand the title of today's entry, boo to you. It's from this new craze called LOLCats. I will post some pics so you can get the jist of the stupid things they do. They are stupid yes and pointless, but oddly hysterical. Like this:

Some of them are outrageously hysterical. Maybe only I and a select few understand them...oh well....

Yesterday consisted of way too much food. Seriously. I ate a lot but the birthday fun isn't over yet! Tonight we are going to Moxies which shall be great! Then I am off for a romp at Bobby O'Briens with friends! I have been out to the bar twice since school finished b/c i don't have the energy, but i will put some forth tonight and have fun.

Tomorrow I am going to SAUBLE with my parents and sister! We will lay lie seals on the beach and float about in the water, eating mass quantities of food and thus hindering our ability to stay afloat. If the weather gets shitting my sister mentioned something about canoeing - which scares me b/c i can't do that. Anything physical leaves me gasping for breath so i guess the oxygen will have to come with me. That's ok. I just get tired of little things leaving me breathless but i can't do anything about that but sit and puff.

Lastnight my nasal canula snapped on me. Just as i had layed down in bed, got comfy, and had it placed snuggly on my face, it popped and half of it flew on way and the other flew the other way. I fixed it but realized i better just get a new hose b/c with my luck i'll wake up in the middle of the night when it finally breaks for good and i'll spend a good chunk of time putting a new one together and then i wouldn't get back to sleep. I went to bed last night at 9pm and woke up twice - once at 10 something and then at 1, and then 5. So i guess that's 3 times. I woke up exchausted, like i coulda slept another 5 hours but today is my last day of work so that's good. I am so excited to go to bed late and sleep in! How bad is that, lol.

I am constantly tired all the time and i guess that's my lungs getting worse. The pain is always there when i exert myself but i can't do anything about that. I have my meeting with the transplant center in one month though so that is good! I am looking forward to it but am scared at the same time. I am scared to begin school and having to walk everyone. I hate going places now which is why i opt to not go out at night anymore. I hope tonight is good though!

I'm going to shut up now b/c i havent really spoken about anything important.

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