My Double Lung Transplant

Monday, August 27, 2007

Frogs, Asthma, and Suffocation

We have a new frog in our pond. Ever since that horrible bird swooped down and snatched all 4 fish from it, we once again have life in the our dwelling. My mum discovered him yesterday morning and alas, he is still here. I have named him Howard. I hope he sticks around and will return in the spring. My dad said that frogs (being anphibians) sink to the bottom and freeze themselves in the winter, and then thaw out when spring arrives. I sincerely hope that Howard chooses to freeze himself and our pond and spend his re-birth in the same place. Here's hoping.

Asthma. For those who don't know, asthma is rampant on my mother's side of the family. I have it, my nana has it, my uncle Bill has it, and my cousin has it. Seeing as 4 out of 10 people in one family have asthma, i think it's fair to refer to it as 'rampant'. Anywho, a long, long time ago, my uncle Bill asked me this: "Do you find that *puff* when you eat too much *gasps* you stop breathing?*puff*" He asked me this after we had just eaten supper. If memory serves me correct, my uncle Bill ate quite a lot. I blinked at him, and stared, and shook my head. "No," i said. "I don't think i've ever eaten to the point where i stop breathing..."

But here we have it people, today i think i concquered that feat. While i ate my supper, it filled me to the point that i simply had trouble breathing. I waddled through the house, gasping, bending over, squatting, sucking for any cold air to fill my weak little decrepit lungs in attempt to feel better. My dad told me to put my oxygen on. Funny, seeing as people think the solution to everything is putting oxygen on. That's simply not the case. Needless to say, if it's possible to suffocate from too much food intake, i think i came fairly close tonight.

Before i leave i must say that I think all of Saturday and Sundays full days of walking has caught up to me. I felt like jello today my body was just so tired, even though i slept 9 and a half hours. Every chance i sat down i could not do it elegantly; i thudded and plopped and sprawled out, like my body was full of heavy wet sand. I have had 3 cokes and a tea to wake me up but to no avail...

And then i had to go and eat myself practially to death.

When will i learn? *blink*

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