My Double Lung Transplant

Thursday, July 12, 2007


Hello people!

What a day it's been! Last night my mum, sister, and I went to see Dancing with the Stars LIVE and it was AMAZING! I loved every second of it!!!!!!!!! I am so thankful to my mum first and foremost for such an amazing evening! I was worried I'd spend the entire time miserable b/c we'd get a far away parking space, have to walk eons to get to the venue, and then concquer frighteningly monstrous concrete steps.

THAT WAS NOT THE CASE AT ALL! We got an uber close parking spot (we still had to walk some but NOTHING horrendous), AND the place had escelators! WHO KNEW! Why i never considered that they'd have escalators is beyond me. To make it better our seats were a stone's throw from the escalators, right beside the selling tables (where I scored myself a DREW CREW t-shirt) AND directly across from the bathrooms! The bathrooms never had a horrendous wait time at them and when the show was over no one got trampled in the mad rush to get the hell out of the place. WOO HOO! It really made me miss my dancing days but is definately inspiring and makes me want to dance again! As for the show itself it was fantastic and every costume the girls wore I would like my own version of, just for every day wear. They were so sparkley and pretty and if you're under 10 years old by far the best dress-up gowns ever! And the shoes! DON'T GET ME STARTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved the shoes!

Now to today. Today I had the day off work b/c i had to go for my IV of Gamma. All went well - for once! Yes, my nurse Arlene (who i love to peices) had to poke me 3 times (once in each elbow) and finally she got a vein in my wrist. It hurt getting the gamma in coz it's so cold it makes your arm feel tingly. My hand felt numb. Oh well. It ran for 1 hour and 45 minutes and i was unleashed back into the world. I've got a massive bruise on my wrist but was rewarded with a Tweety Bird bandaid. Afterwards I had to pay a visit to my RT (Respiratory Therapist) Cynthia, where, JOY TO THE WORLD, it was discovered that SMALLER PORTABLE OXYGEN TANKS DO EXIST! I scored 2 and discovered that i'm not homebound all summer. That if i want to spend the weekend at people's cottages I can! All i have to do is call ProResp and ask if i can 'rent' (more or less....ok so maybe it's more like borrow) a smaller Monster for the weekend, and tell them when i need it and all will be swell. YAY! WOO HOO! Who knew i'd ever get so excited about brinigng oxygen places....really!

What else? Yes, upon my exertion home, I came to realize that as a single unit, myself and my oxygen deprived brain are quite stupid together. We just don't think that well. Example number 1#: I stopped at a green light. I sat there and waited for about 10 seconds before i realized, "Oh! IT'S GREEN!" much to the anger of the people behind me. #2: I really shouldn't be giving my opinions out when people ask me something, b/c in all likelyhood i'm just not paying attention anyway. I mean, I'm staring and listening, but don't expect me to tell you what you've told me. I just won't remember it. There are countless more out there, but I just don't remember them. Seriously.

I had more to write about but I just don't remember. Hopefully it will come back to some point.

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It's Her said...

*WAVE WAVE WAVE WAVE* - Um DWTS???? How unfair! Howd you manage to rig tickets for that huh? And I was not invited because....

yay for small cylinders, as we've discussed before-what is the point in giving people who NEED o2, o2 tanks that are too heavy to hold??? Pah

Hugs xx