My Double Lung Transplant

Friday, July 13, 2007


I was going to call this "Staying Up Late is Cool" but then i remembered it was Friday the 13th and that automatically had to be the title of this the 13th it is!

How was my Friday the 13th you ask? sum it up, it was HORRIBLE! It started off great....i got to work and actually was doing stuff, and not at an incredibly slow pace either but at a steady pace, and things were working out. I went to Timmie's for lunch with Jenny b/c making your lunch just isn't cool anymore, and we discovered that the myth about how bad things happen on Friday the 13th was just bullshit. Nothing had happened to us yet and people were just stupid.

Well, i seriously fucked myself by saying that b/c my afternoon turned out to be HORRIBLE! Literally, an hour into my post-lunch day, i got swamped with a lot of stuff to do. That was ok, it's work and i understand that, but it's like my brain and rational thoughts, and just the basic ability to think like a proper human being should, completely took a leave of absense and went down for a nap or something. I mentioned yesterday that I stopped at a green's stupid mistakes are just as bad, if not worse. My boss sent me a document to update, so i updated it, hightlighted what i altered and saved it, or so i thought. Don't fear, it actually saved, but i had a bitch of a time finding it. I found it eventually, and sent it a long its way....only to realize it was a read-only document and should couldn't see the actual changes. Embarassing! So i wrote her an email appologizing, realizing the document was the wrong one. I found the proper one, saw that it was fixed and sent it on its way...

5 minutes after i sent it, i received an email....from myself. What the hell? I thought....I opened it, and low and behold was the document that i just emailed. I replied to the wrong address! So off again I sent it....3 emails later I finally got it right and sent it to my boss and not myself.


Then the fax machine...don't get me started. I'm not going into details but lets just say I had to fax letters to local numbers and put a 1 in front of the area code, making it think it was going long distance when it wasn't. I kept going to my boss asking what was wrong. I just wasn't thinking today. I was getting tired and I just wanted to go home.

Currently i'm sitting here hooked up to my O2 trying to wake up (even if it is 11pm). The plan tonight is to stay up as late as possible and not fall asleep early like a puss as only I can do. I go to bed by at least 9:30 every night. I have no energy at the end of the day for anything - i literally work, eat, go to bed, wake up, do meds, and start the whole vicious cycle all over again. My summer has been snatched from my pale little hands. I havent been out to the bar since April. I'm getting sick of this....I seriously am.

W/e....i have nothing else to say. I'm too tired and I just want to crawl into bed and wrap myself in my cashmere blanket.

Before I go I must comment on my dream last night. My family moved to Ireland, but the houses looked like English houses (unless English and Irish houses look the same...i dont know though). There was a massive wind and rain storm, and when it ended i ventured out of the house. To my surprise the beach/ocean was around the corner of our house, and people were in the water. I sat on the shore when the Loch Ness monster swam up and ATE MY WALLET!!! She was HUGE and said, (yes, she spoke) "Don't worry you don't need it" and i looked in my hand and saw that I had my debit card. She swam off, and people continued to play in the water like this happened everyday. It was bizarre, and scary. VERY SCARY!

Ok, Im off. Good night sleep tight. Don't let Nessie bite and steal your wallet!

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