My Double Lung Transplant

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


I was contemplating deleting my blog post about my stupid sinuses but I guess i'll keep it b/c i talked about other things other than my sinuses being a pain in the ass.

Anywho, I want to make this article about TEA. You know it, you've probably had it too. Recently I have started loving tea. My favourite is Irish Breakfast, Rose, and Earl Grey. I went through a phase where I needed a new tea mug and had to find the right sized one and it took eons. Eventually i found out in my basement. A couple of minutes ago Jenny sent me an email from across the office informing me she was having tea. I want some too damnitt but i don't have a cup here *frown*. Today is a perfect day for tea!! It's cooled off by literally 20 degrees (it's 21*C as opposed to feeling like the 41*C it's felt like the last 7 days). I screamed in horror and from hypothermia when i stepped outside for lunch and the cool 21*c air clashed into my bare, frazzled arms. I felt assaulted by the temp change since this morning it WAS humid but now it's not.

It's cloudy out now and a cold front is moving through. The sky is bluish grey, and the clouds look like rolling hills in the sky. It looks cold - much like when you go to the lake and it's cool and you sit at the shore and freeze and shake, meaniwhile 4 year olds are having a blast in the frigid water. You sit there and silently damn them in your head for having no feeling for the coldness of the moment.

ANYWHO - now that you know how cool it is today, I would love nothing more than to be at home in my favourite pair of sweatpants, a sweater, with a hot cup of tea sitting outside at the pond. To add make it better it would be rainy. I don't know why i want a rainy day....but i just do.

This was rather pointless wasn't it...but i bet you want to put your sweatpants on and have some tea now don't you!!!!

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