My Double Lung Transplant

Sunday, July 29, 2007


...and shop and shop i did!

Whoever said retail therapy is a bad thing, I beg to differ! After dropping $109 in Garage w/o trying anything on, i WAS feeling smidgen of guilt. I quickly assured myself that i rarely shop anyway, and that over time the amount of stuff i bought would eventually add up to $109, if not more. Plus, i needed new stuff, seeing as i have a lot of shit from when i was 17,18,19 that's a little more than immature and i figured it was time to get rid of that shit and get some age-appropriate things. Finally I have stuff i can wear at the office but still feel comfy (ok so i bought t-shirts and tanks but they're nice). For those who know me, i hate being overly dressed up. Yes, i like dressing up, but for the most part, given that i feel shitty as it is, i like to be comfy. I don't like dressing up everyday like my sister, who consider's a skirt every day wear. I wear skirts rarely. Oh well, enough about that!

So here i sit, after trying everything on, i feel emotionally fantastic. After yesterday's debacle of my dad threatening to give my cats away, i moped around and cried like a 12 year old all night. I isolated myself in my room and spoke to no one. I'm not lying. It wasn't until this morning, after not speaking to my dad for 15 hours, he told me Zoey got up on his lap lastnight and slept while he was watching TV. He told me it was cute, and after i responded bitterly, "Why? You hate her anyway..." he assured me he would never give a pet away. Am i feeling bad for actling like i did? Somewhat, but sometimes you need to be childish! People don't understand that these cats are my children...they are.

Um what else? Yes, seeing as i dropped a significant amount, i was then rewarded with a free bag. Yippee! It's not the most attractive thing to be honest, and i'm not fond of the material (feels like a rain coat kind of material). Anywho, it will be perfect for school in the fall and spring, and yes, the cincher - IT CAN FIT MY OXYGEN! How fantastic is that! I never thought i'd be thrilled about that but i know i'll prob have to bring it to school with me when navigating campus so w/e....i'll try it. Sure i'll feel like a loser but at least i'll look cool. I'm not overly tired from my shopping excursion, but fuck it is ever hot out! It's about 30*C, with humidity it feels like 38*C. I am going to begin reading the new Harry Potter again b/c nothing else feels right that i begin reading. I won't lie; it feels wrong. Like a death has occured and only until this feeling passes i will obsess over the loss of having no more Harry Potter books being written ever again. Childish? Maybe, but it's how i'm coping with this.

What else? My doc called Friday when i was at work and wants me to call back Monday. Hopefully it's with news from the tx center and not just "we have news from the sleep lab" or "there's something in your last spit culture" YUMMY! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HAVE IT BE FROM THE TX CENTER *crosses fingers* I JUST WANT THIS OVER WITH EVEN THOUGH IT'S SCARY!

Currently i am talking to my friend who informed me that yesterday he spent all day at Hillside (a weekend long concert that's a huge hit in the province...maybe country even, i don't know). But i know that Tara and Krystal went too. He told me he was there all day and night, and then went downtown (meaning to the bars) afterwards, then WALKED home from downtown to his house, which is more than halfway across the city. He got home at 4:30. WOW! I can't wait to do that again. Last year Krystal and Tara and I had an all-night romp downtown. We got so drunk and it was amazing. I was so pissed i passed out 3 times in the Underground, I have no idea how we got home, and when we got home I didn't beleive we were there. I refused to fall asleep b/c i still beleived i was in the Underground and i was imagining everything. After Tara reassured me we were infact, back at their place, i slowly fell asleep. I threw up twice also, but regardless, it was a lot of fun and i can't wait to be silly and wreckless again and just have boundless energy to go out and stay up all night. WOO HOO!

OK....i'm acting stupid so i'm going to go to save myself from further embarassement.

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The Humanity Critic said...

I'm a guy and shopping always soothes me..