My Double Lung Transplant

Tuesday, July 31, 2007


I have hope.

I am writing this entry practically through tears b/c i am so happy. I am here at work and I was reading the message board over at TransplantBuddies, and i stumbled across a post from a man who is 10 years post double lung tx. He had bronchiectasis and that's why he needed one. He had what I have. I am not alone. I no longer feel like the only member of this special little club. Every person i have spoken to who has had a double lung tx has had CF, and i have never read a post from an actual person who had what i have.

Words cannot describe how much hope reading his post has given me. It's completely wiped away all of my fears. I cannot wait till i am a member of the tx club. It sounds bizarre but being in the situation I am in, it is so promising reading things from people who have post tx in the double digit (years). Ironically enough, as i read his post, the song Believe by Suzie McNeil came on my iPod. If you havent heard it, go download it. It's beautiful.

I cannot wait for things to come! :)

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