My Double Lung Transplant

Friday, July 27, 2007

Bibitty Bobitty Boo

Bibitty Bobitty Boo
It's Friday, there's nothing to do
I went and got gas
I nearly passed
At the price that came up
I was screwed

Onward and forward I drove
Down the winding and foggy backroads
Alone by myself
I was leaving just like an Elf
Onto work I sped down the dark road

I got here 2 minutes before
I dragged myself up to the door
I rang myself in and hauled my shit in
Sat down with a huff I was bored

But alas! My head screamed
It's Friday, me thinks!
And a smile krept up on my face
No one is here
I have nothing to fear
I am planning an early escape

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Anonymous said...

You're brilliant Chicklet!