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Friday, July 6, 2007

"Problems" at work

This is it for the day, I promise.

Upon spending time in the washroom, I realized that there are several problems here at work. I came to this conclusion when i walked out and realized that I can no longer use my prefered toilet here, since people feel the uncontrollable need to shit in it all the time. It's not one little shit here and there, it's like 4 times a day. I'm not lying. It's only reinforced by the fact that one time they shut the water off here at work (for maintenence or something) YET PEOPLE STILL CONTINUED TO SHIT! Yes, YES! HOW FRIGGING GROSS! For that reason I am incredibly weary everytime I step foot inside the bathroom.

Another thing I noticed is the badges we have to wear. Everybody's is faced out, meaning, when you look at their badge, you can see their photo and all their employee information on it. They even have the employee emblum on the clip! Mine? MINE FACES BACKWARDS ALL THE TIME! I am not lying. Everytime I look down at my badge, or I need to use it to get into the building, i have to flip it around and fumble with it. I guess they just don't want to see my face or something. The little plastic case it lives in isn't supposed to open up. You're not supposed to be able to take the little ID peice out of it. Mine? IT OPENS UP AND I CAN TAKE THE PEICE OUT OF IT - WHICH I HAVE! And guess what happened when I did it? 2 holes poped out of the top leaving it perminently open. My clip has no emblum on it to speak of. None. Nothing. Zero. Nada.

*sigh* I swear to god, some people!

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Jenny said...

Mine opens. I broke it.