My Double Lung Transplant

Saturday, July 7, 2007


It's 07.07.07.

What the hell could that possibly mean? People think it's a lucky day so i thought I would join the fun and write a blog today.

When I look back a year frm now what will i remember about this day of luck? That it was Live Earth Day all around the world, and people spent the day wasting energy by sitting their asses in front of the television, with their air conditioning cranked up, probably with all their computers on in the house. I hauled ass to the hair dressers which is within walking distance, to get my hair fixed up, since FRANSESCO THE HUNCHBACK ruined it last week by NOT listening to what i wanted.

I will mostly remember this day b/c I am spending it in the sleep lab. Yes yes, sleep lab here I come. Thankfull i am quite tired at the moment so I hope i get some sleep tonight. My sister assured me the beds will have to be uber comfortable.

I wonder if they've got Serta mattresses.....?

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Anonymous said...


Your blog blog is informative with a touch of humour...and that is you in a nutshell. I am glad there is a way for me to keep up-to-date with you b/c we haven't been able to physically see each other alot lately!!!! Did I mention that you are amazing?!? lol. Luv ya!!!

~ Your Mermaid Coach