My Double Lung Transplant

Monday, July 16, 2007

Ooooh! I've had that before!

Sometimes there are just certain people who feel the need to comment on things that other's aren't that comfortable with. For myself, it's my cough. I'll come out flat and say it to you that I find it incredibly rude when people comment to me about it. It doesn't matter if you mean it in a joking way, or in a sympathetic way or whatever, if you don't know me and you hear me coughing, just please, shut the fuck up and act as if it never happened.

Now *smiles* that being said, I must comment on two recent incidents that happened in regards to my little rant above. Last night I was in Shopper's, in the most embarassing of isles to ever be spotted in, let alone to begin hacking in. I was looking for tampons and all that fun stuff when it struck. It wasn't just one small cough like I had suspected, it was small but it just kept coming and getting stuck in my upper lungs. Ever since i began Zithro last week, while i don't cough as much and the tightness is gone, the mucus is a lot thicker and i don't get much out...which means it's either caked onto my lungs or the swelling down there has decreased and production has been brought to an almost hault.

Anywho, so I'm coughing and coughing, and wanting to make a decision and get the hell out, and this person looks at me and says, " Ooooh.......I've had that before...!" and points and proceeds to grab their chest in fake pain. I know they meant it in the nicest way, and I don't mind when people say that, it's ok, b/c they don't know. It's OTHER comments I don't welcome which i will touch on in one sec. I always laugh to myself when people hear my cough and think it's something simple, like bronchitus or pneumonia or something. People always tell me i've got pneumonia and that I should get that checked out. Sometimes I want to slap these people.

Then there are those OTHER comments that are rude, regardless of what the person's intentions behind them are. Example, last month (or the month before...who knows when) I was at my desk, coughing away as only I can do, and some PRICK who works in the cublicle adjacent to me walks out and comments, "That sounds nasty!" and i said, "Yuuuuuup!" and he walks by again and says, "Does it hurt as bad as it sounds!?!" and i said, "Nooooooope!" and i continued working on my merry way.

It occured to me then, aside from the fact that I wanted to leap over the small dividing cubicle and strangle this man, that I would never in a million years say something like to anyone. I then decided that the next time I'm in the bathroom at work, and someone takes a shit, I'm going to wait in the bathroom until they emerge from the stall and say, "WOW! THAT'S A PRETTY SMELLY SHIT YOU TOOK THERE! DOES IT SMELL AS BAD IN THE STALL AS IT DOES OUT HERE!?!" and see how that person reacts....

The more I think of this...the better the idea becomes....


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~ H.P. Buddy

Jenny said...

Do it.