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Friday, July 6, 2007

It's Friday!

Everyday at lunch I sit down with Jenny and complain, "This lunch sucks." The fact of the matter is, as much as I try to put effort into making my lunch for work, and trying to make it exciting, it just isn't, b/c I hate making it with an utter passion, b/c making lunch is just one more task that i have to fullfill for the day. I hate it, I really do.

But, being as today is Friday, Jenny and I order pizza. YAY! Yes it's true. Upon my romp harassing her on MSN last night, I asked if she wanted to get pizza b/c i'm simply too lazy to make something worthwhile. I could tell she felt the same way b/c she reacted with a, "YEAH!" She hates making lunch as much as I do, even though she barely brings anything. She brings like, one thing. I bring half the fridge...and i'm still underweight!

Yay for summer time. Yay for sunshine. It's going to be a gorgeous day today, 27*C with a humidex of 30*C. YAY! I'm supposed to go to the beach on Sunday but I don't think I can anymore b/c the weather is predicted to be 32*C with a humidex of 38*C. Yikes. It's weird that days with a humidex of 35*C or more are becoming so common nowadays. That doesn't mean it makes breathing in it any easier, coz it certainly doesn't. It's incredibly hard, even just sitting in it. I love the hot hot weather though, it certainly makes up for the cold cold winter we had (you're a bastard winter!).

Now i'm going to get mushy on you because I want to mention my friend Caitlin, who recently suffered a loss. Unfortunately last week a dear friend of hers passed away, another loss for Caitlin since December. Words cannot describe how horrible and sad I feel for you Cait. I don't know what I can say or do for you to take the pain away, and that's the hardest part. Sometimes the hardest part of all isn't the fact that they aren't alive anymore; it's the fact that you have to continue living on without them. Just the notion alone is enough to make someone feel sick. I know you're feeling that horrible, crushing weight of sadness and disbelief on your chest, and your heart has an open hole of sadness in that spot your friend once filled. I can only hope and pray for you that that hole begins to heal itself, b/c nothing is harder than walking through a portion of your life with a chest full of sadness.

Sometimes, sadness is the heaviest weight of all, and I hope that somehow, someway, that weight begins to lift itself and goes away for a long long time.

I am going to try to archive some old blogs from the board that i wrote. The blogs about the dreams i've had. Maybe it will show you to look into your dreams too and get some answers and comfort at times like this. Sometimes all you need to do is look inside and you'll discover that the answers were there all along. They will be posted under the archive name of 'dreams'. The other will be 'signs'. I hoep you enjoy them!

Have a good day!

UPDATE* Ok i've discovered that i can't archive things and have them not show, so I guess I will just post the dreams and the sign blog from the other board and it will give you a whole, whole lot to read!

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