My Double Lung Transplant

Thursday, July 5, 2007

How to tell your Mother

"Mum - I got a blog."

*blank stare* "A what?"

"A blog."


"What's a blog?"

Point taken mum, thanx! My point last night was to sit my mum down and tell her that i've gotten a blog. About 30 seconds into what was supposed to be a happy conversation, she shocked me with her lack of knowledge and I promptly got off the couch and walked away.
It reminded me of a similar situation with my nana once when we were talking about computers and she proclaimed, "My friend's got an internet."

Yes, nana, everybody's got 'an internet'....I'm glad your friend does too.

So yes, in utter ectasy I wanted to tell my mum that i had gotten a blog so i could tell her that it would be mainly about my journey into the transplant world. When her utter stupidity (no offense) stunned and apalled me, I realized that maybe posting about the fact that I need a TRANSPLANT wasn't so horrifying after all. People will find out sooner or later, and if they stumble across this and they don't already know then...oops.

This reminds me of an argument I had with my dad tonight. My dad was complaining how we don't eat dinner as a family anymore, b/c no one likes what anyone else wants, and therefore someone always ends up making something else. So he bitched about it, and went out to the bbq, my mum came home and asked what he was stomping around like a giant about. I told him he was upset that we 'don't eat supper as a family anymore.' Then my mum started getting upset over something completely different, and somehow it ended up being my fault with my dad ending it with, "You just don't know when to keep your mouth shut."

Thanx, i'm glad to know that the source of all the badness and secret letting in this world is me. Oh well. Fuck off. Goodbye.

On a completely different note, you'll be happy to know that I actually did something that BENEFITTED SOMEONE ELSE AT WORK this afternoon! That's right, at 4:15, 15 minutes before work was finished, I was bored and wandered into the mailroom to find a frazzled Jenny doing the mail. I like to go in there and ask her what the buttons are for and what would happen if i pressed them all. She always tells me not to touch them, and I listen (even though I'm older she talks to me like a child!) There is one mysterious button that boggles our minds. I'm thinking on the last day of work I'm going to have to fuck around with it.

Anyways, yes, Jenny was rushing through the mail when she discovered that all the boxes in the hall needed to have their destination addresses put on them. She asked for my help, and help I did. It was confusing b/c i was scared of what i had to do. It seemed so important, it really did. Much more important than locating people's postal codes online. When I finished my first destination address, I slapped it on and happily yelled, "BAM! STICK TO THAT, BITCH!"

And that is the story of my day. I'm sure 3 long posts are more than enough.

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