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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Crushing Children Under Foot

Tomorrow night at approximately 11pm, under the dark of night, Katey and I are leaving her place and booking it across the city to Chapters, the coveted building of books. There, we are hoping to be among firsts (we'll probably be amongst the last) to get our naughty hands on the ultra-anticipated, super-secret, 7th installment of Harry Potter.

Should this plan fail, or should we arrive late or god-forbid at the back of the line (even though we've both pre-ordered) I have instructed Katey to crush the children under foot with me and haul ass to the front of the line. The children must be stopped.

From that point on, we will bask in glory and celebrate our victory by actually scoring Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows mere moments after its release! WOO HOO to us! YAY! We will spend the rest of the night at our respected homes deeply ensconsed in the novel. I cannot wait.

Before the long awaited Mad-Dash for Harry, i am going to Turtle Jacks with Beka for supper and some breaded pickles. Sounds gross? Don't judge people! I thought they were disgusting when i heard the name too, but nothing is more bizarrely savouring than breaded, pickley goodness. I kid you not. Go to a Turtle Jack's near you and get some! WOOO! *cough and then go get the new Harry Potter*

Um.....what else? I'm at work, bored. My boss is on holidays and i have nothing, nothing nothing, i tell you, to work on. I'm creating things for myself to do. I went into Excel and coloured in the squares in patterns, and then i did my name up in Excel the very same way. I've read my book, and am about to go on my last break.

I'm sincerely contemplating leaving early. My parents have gone to a friends cottage for the day/night and I plan on making homemade potato soup. YUM! I have to pick up all the ingredients though so that's kind of a pain in the ass but oh well!

I'm going to go.

I just realized the date and it means that i've officially been on O2 for one month! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY BED BUDDY! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!

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