My Double Lung Transplant

Thursday, July 5, 2007


It's moi - again! And guess where I am? Yup, you guessed it: WORK. Another fun-filled, proactive day for me.

Well, seeing as it's 8:57am and i'm a little over 20 minutes into my shift, it's slightly disappointing. But oh well.

It's a really dull, shitty day here, but it's supposed to warm up (30*C with the humidity) and thunderstorm. I hope that's the case. The weather people keep saying it's going to storm and does it? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I'm tired, surprise surprise. I contemplate every morning on my drive to work pulling over and just sleeping it gets so bad. It's like when you go to the eye doctor and they shine that frigging light in your eye, and expect you to keep your eye open, looking straight ahead. Your eye wants nothing more to do than roll back into your head and shut itself. That's how i feel when i drive. Maybe I should start driving with my O2. How attractive will that be?

Um what else? Yes yes, I have to mention my other partner in crime, BEKA, who herself is at work, with not much to do. She keeps her thoughts occupied with dreams of beds and sleep...much like myself. Another mention i have to make is JENNY, my co-student-worker. She's a busy bee that Jenny, always up around doing something for somebody. She just stopped by to inform me she was going to go do stuff with boxes. I informed her that I would be sitting here locating postal codes. She told me to have fun with it. I told her I would.

So Jenny is off playing with her boxes, I am locked out of BANNER (a program) so here i sit and google postal codes. I feel exceptionally shitty today. The usual chest tightness, the usual treasures are brought up, and my poor dried, be-cracked nose just can't get a break. The oxygen nasal prongs have succeeded in giving me nose bleeds by drying out the inside of my nose, and irritating it. It is painful and disgusting. I have something i can put in my nose to lube it up and it helps a bit, but the dryness makes my nose feel like it's constantly stuffed as a result.

Since beginning O2 about 2 weeks ago i have seen some improvements. I don't wake up with purple tinted lips, my eyes are white and not bloodshot, and i no longer have Zombie feet. I was informed by my RT (Respiratory Therapist, Cynthia) that my ankles were swollen from the lack of O2 flowing to these regions, and as a result my feet always looked grey and quite dead to be honest. Now they look human and i can see veins in them! Who knew! I also have more energy since starting O2, and i don't always feel like i'm in a fog. My random pains have mostly disappeared, and I don't suffer from nearly as many dizzy spells. I still get them, b/c for the time being, I am only on O2 to sleep,to exercise and shower, and i use it to get dressed b/c that makes me tired sometimes. Oh yes, I use O2 for physio and meds. Silly me! And as I write this, Dizzy Spell #1 for the day has come to greet me! Hello - go away!

This Satuday I am spending the night in a sleep lab. Yes, a sleep lab, to rule out Sleep Apnea (which i don't think i have, and which i sincerely don't want). I have to be there at 9:30pm, and will be woken up at the ungodly hour of 5:45-6am. They strap a ton of shit to you to measure everything in your body. They attach something similar to a bowl, on your head. Under this bowl (and fed through the I guess it's not really a bowl but more like a strainer...) are electrodes whcih they attach to your head to measure brain function when you sleep. It will record each level of sleep you reach, and record REM (rapid eye movement) and things like that. The electrodes feed through the holes in the bowl/strainer and gather itself into a nice ponytail at the top of your head. Amazing. Next to that, heart monitors will be stuck to my chest to measure my heart and respiratory rate. As well, an pulse oximetry meter will go at the tip of my finger to measure my O2 (oxygen) saturations (also called sats) over night. I've also been informed they strap some THING (i don't know what this THING is though) around your chest to measure other stuff. Great...this THING will definately aid my inability to breathe correctly. On top of this, i'm sure they've got infared lights and and window in which they can gawk at me all night. Oh yes, I will also have O2 strapped to my face since I cannot sleep without it. Then, I'm excpected to sleep normally, as if i'm not being observed by strangers. We will see how this goes!

I mentioned to Beka that I will try to get the technician to take pics of me in my get up. I hope that they agree and if they do I will post them! If not, they will think I am a freak for giving such a bizarre request. Oh well.

Before I go I must mention that there is much speculation out there that Christina Aguliera is pregnant. I've seen pics and it looks like she is. The best pic by far was on Pink is the New Blog, of Christina in a recent concert, squatting on stage, which a star plastered on her crotch with an upside down baby being birthed, saying, "Here I come, bitches!" It's the funniest thing ever. I love it.

Ok, time for me to go. I will most likely write more later!

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rebekah.root said...

I am your biggest fan!
I love you BREE! I wans to love you and hold you and care for you when you get old and have your unborn children in my womb. lol

you should write a book though