My Double Lung Transplant

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

The First Blog Blog!


"[I] did it! [I] actually frigging did it!"

Katey, you'll appreciate that! Since i've already given a shout out to one friend, I may as well give shout outs to my other friends and partners in crime: Krystal and Tara. Yes I have more friends than that but i'm at work right now and haven't the time to go through the thousands and thousands of adoring people that follow me in throngs.

I wish.

So let's get to it. As most of my friends have guessed, I'm at work right now. Knowing full well that I'm not an asset to the team, nor a highly valued employee (hence the monkey work I do - which is perfectly fine) alas I sit, at my desk, sheltered off from the rest of the office. Rarely am I spotted and more so am I heard. Nothing starts the people in this offices' day off better than a booming cough entering the office, followed by my Darth Vadar-like huffing and puffing. Oh no people, nothing makes me feel better than that.

You're probably wondering why i chose black as the background. Well...the other templates were too fucking ugly to be perfectly honest. At least with black you can change the colour of the font, and I am perfectly fine with that.

Anywho back to my point, yes, here I am at work, not working. I have been given the task of locating postal codes on the internet, a task that i personally feel is far too important for a lowly student to be completing, but contrary to popular beleifs and contrary to the fact that I send out emails in the masses on an hourly, almost minute, basis, i DO accomplish things here. Nothing is honestly more thrilling than having the same annoying person walking by my office gawking at what i'm doing (or not doing) continuously. She just keeps walking by me, knowing full well that i'm doing absolutely nothing, and I know she's getting pleasure from it. Much like people who get a thrill from shitting in public places like my sister told me some do. Nothing is more scandolous, and nothing makes me laugh more than that.

I have lots to say, lots and lots to say actually. There is so much for me to say and so much that for now, i feel I cannot until i consult with some people. There is a secret out there, that honestly several people know, but several members of the fam don't - and for that reason, until my kin have been consulted i will choose to keep this tidbit of info near and near to my heart. For those that know - KEEP IT TO YOURSELF AND SHUT THE HELL UP WHEN PEOPLE ASK YOU WHAT IT IS! I love all of you, you know that, lol. I ask you to shut the hell up in the nicest way possible. Anywho, the point of this blog is to educate and update people on the-subject-matter-that-for-now-cannot-be-named. I also am keeping this because my dear friend TARA is jetting off to the far off land of Po Po (Poland) in the fall, and since she loves me so much and will miss me terribly (i can already feel her heart aching) this will help keeping her updated. And then KRYSTAL is jetting off to Volcano Land aka Iceland in the winter, so this will serve a greater purpose then. These two in turn are leaving me and Katey all alone *tear*. Many dual drinking nights alone to us to come ... many man many. But at least we can watch Now & Then!

Ok enough of my pointless ramblings. I best get back to work in Canada Post. Don't think i don't know how to find you people now, b/c i can pretty much locate any frigging one I want!


P.S. I will write about my upcoming night in a sleep lab later on!! And i'm writing this here b/c I know I will forget if I don't mention it anywhere else.


It's Her said...

Saweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeettt :P

Tara said...

touching, absolutely... touching

Anonymous said...

ps. i might use this while i'm in po po

Jenny said...

Ridiculous. And don't forget, I get to suffer alongside you at work!