My Double Lung Transplant

Monday, February 28, 2011

Spinal Tapopia

Well, today was the ultra-fun Spinal Tap. It wasn't honestly that badm getting a filling hurt more. The guy said I was really nice and was a giid patient about it, and warned me that a raging headache would soon follow, which it did. Right now my lower back where the wholeis is starting to hurt so i'm off to bed. Plus, just blogging is incredibly difficult since I can barely navagate my comp coz my eyes are fucked.

Looks like I will be incarcerated until Friday. They are taking me to the neuro opthamologus Weds to see if they can see anything wrong there while we await the cultures of my spinal tap.

Yes, this fucking sucks.

So far today I've had 3 Atavans, 2 Tylenol 2 with codeine, and IV gravol since I threw up my smoothie and popcorn breakfast.

I am down to 93lbs.

The fun never ends. I'm off to sleep.


HArmstrong said...

oh my gosh thanks for the update blog. please keep up informed. man oh man.

Lauren said...

I'm glad the spinal tap didn't hurt too much. I've been thinking of you lots! I hope they get you better soon!

What does Atavan do?

Chandler said...

Good grief! Spinal taps now? TG is probably the best place for you, especially the 7th floor! I'm hoping they find a cause, and a cure for all this Bree. Keep your chin up! Answers are coming.

Tara said...

Geez Bree, way to get me all worried. Gah. I'm sorry it's been a crappy month. I hope they figure out a cure for this crappiness. Being this sick is not fair. Now go eat a sandwich! ;)

Bitter_Angel said...

aww that sucks.
On the flip side, you can now make loads of groan worth comments based on heavy rock music and parody type subjects.

Debbie said...

Hey Bree,

I hope today's appointment gave some answers. Thinking of you and hoping you feel better soon.

love Deb

3-Putt said...

Dammit Bree!
That's just about enough of this crap!
You are scaring some of us to death.
Please just get well!
Tough love aside, you are one of the most robust (wanted to use TOUGH but already started the sentence with it)young ladies I believe I have ever come across. Hang in there sweet pea!!
Your friend in Texas, Tom (heart transplant 6/13/06).

Lindsay said...

Its amazing how you are able to keep your sense of kick ass attitude while being ill. I try to do the same, calling it Invalid Chic.

Anyway, I hope you recover with expedience.

Bitter_Angel said...

Havnt seen you post in a while, hope things are improving in hospital land, or even more so that you are free from there.

Chandler said...'s been a while since you last posted Bree. We're starting to get a little worried for you. Hope everything is ok!

Bitter_Angel said...

Its over a month since you posted.
Any news?

hobbz said...

hope all is ok...long time no post! thinking of you often!

LittleM said...

Bree is still struggling with this stuff.. don't know when another blog update will come... I hear her spirits are good though. Keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

Rebecca said...


Thinking of you and hope you are able to get back to your Blog Blog SOON....

Natalia Ritchie said...

Bree, I am not sure at all what's happening with your eyes and your health, but I will continue to hope for things to get better.

Alice Vogt said...

missing you too much :-(

Chandler said...

Keep fighting Bree! We're all pulling for you, and missing you!

Bitter_Angel said...

oh Bree, I have so much I wanted to ask you. You have been through so much and come out with a kickass attitude. But the world is cruel, I only hope that things are a lot easier for you now and that you still have that attitude wherever you maybe.
Rest easy Bree

hobbz said...

Does anyone have an update? Judging from the last comment things are not ok......sending out prayers!!!

Valerie said...

I'm hoping for an update as well! I've been worried about Bree, and checking in on her blog daily! :-(

progrock123 said...

Just read Bitter_Angels blog.Have been reading and checking daily Bree's blog for ages while waiting on transplant list myself.Prayers go out to her family.

Natalia Ritchie said...

Bree, any of my CF friends knew you and thought you were the ccolest girl in the world, I only got a glimpse of you via blog or fb. I know now from some of those friends that you are not coming back to take on the world with your new lungs. I am sorry that this is the way things went. Lung trasplant carries with it so many promises. Yet as we can see, so many risks. But we face them, and you did face them. And from what everyone says, you faced them head on. With witt and spirit and I have to say really amazing hair!!! I am so happy Bree that you got to see the other side. That you got to live with beautiful lungs and set yourself free. It was not long enough, I know, but well worth it. Obviously you gave lots of people lots to think about, lots of laughs, and lots of love. Now, you are in a new place, and no matter how sad we are that you are there without us, I have no doubt you are finally, truly, eternally free. Ever grateful to have know you, Natalia

Chandler said...


Jessica said...

What? Brie died? Whan did this happen? What happened? Iam sick about this.

Megan said...

I miss you xxxxxx

Rebekah said...

I wanted to take a moment to let all of you know, with much sadness, that yes Bree has passed away. It happened at the end of May, 2011. Her spunk, love of everything ( and hatred of others - ha!) is truly missed. What a sad loss for every one of us who was close to her or loved her or hung off of her written word. :( bree... I miss you...

Rebekah said...

bree... you inspire me once again. Take a look here This one is for you.

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