My Double Lung Transplant

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Whater yer plans fer the summerrr?

*said in Canadian accent*


Here's a direct link to the trip Evlyn and I are embarking on:


How exciting!!

If you click on the daily things (like, Depart for London) it will expand into an explanation. It's soooooo exciting! So read it:) AND BE JEALOUS WEEEEEEE!:)

BUT! After that we have a week to do nothing, so we're spending it in London, England. One thing we're going to do is see Stonehenge (I almost gave birth when Evlyn asked me if i wanted to. I said don't ask, just drag me along) and THEN it's the Transplant Games!!


I had a dream last night that you could see my sternum through my skin, and you could see at the bottom of it my wire. People were touching it and it was a stingy-painful feeling. I realize I dreamt this because I was sleeping on my stomach and my body weight was resting on my chest. I told my dad about my dream, to which he lowered his paper and proclaimed "that's incredibly fucked. you have the weirdest dreams'




Amy said...

While in Rome you must hit the Coliseum! BTW, with tours like that, always go for the one with the "guided" tour. Its a walkie talkie thing with headphones but the line is sooooooooooo much shorter!!! And well worth the extra few bucks :)

Have lots of fun and I am jealous and excited for you!!! I've been to Rome, Paris and Florence and I know you will love them. Enjoy the super awesome trip through Europe and take a shit-ton of pics!!!!!

Adrienne said...

I've been living in London (UK) for almost 5 years (Cf-er who is originally from Southern Ontario and went to U of G) and I love it beyond belief.
Based on your interest in history/reading and tea I think you will also love it.
Not sure how much time you have in London but the Tower of London is one of the best sites and if you have time 'afternoon tea' or 'high' tea is well worth the experience.
This place is neat for buying tea and fortnum and mason has a great tea section and here are a few options for high tea

Hope that helps - if you have any questions let me know!

( - where I ramble about Canada/UK differences)

Bitter_Angel said...

ee looks exciting.
I have gotten to know London due to hospital visits there. The London eye is one of the big attractions. Depending on the weather, the Globe is also nice to visit. But the most traditional thing I can think of in London, is to go to a show. (I recommend Wicked! or the Lion King
Have fun