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Friday, November 12, 2010

Early Morning Fog

It's horrendously foggy this morning. It's so amazing that I can't even begin to describe it. No, the picture above isn't one that I took, but it pretty much shows exactly what I saw this morning as I had the extreme fortune to have an early morning walk in it.
When I was sick, I longed to have a day where I could wake up early in the morning and just go. Just go whether it be mizzly, humid, foggy, cloudless, what have you.
And then lastnight, the most amazing fog descended upon Ontario and decided to stay around for a while. I left my lecture at 10pm and honestly thought there was a fire somewhere and that campus was surrounded by smoke, but in reality, it was a dense fog.
Come 7am, it was still here.

I rolled out of bed and got ready, got my Tim's and headed to Blue's house. Blue is the Aussie Sheppard I am pet sitting for the next while while his 'parents' are away in the UK. Blue is a doll and he squeals like a little girl when he sees me. He has huge innocent amber eyes. I love him as if he were my own.
So i get to Blue's place, we have our morning cuddle, he runs to the backyard and pees, disappearing in the abyss that is the backyard. I feed him breakfast, grab my tea, and we embark for our 30 minute walk into the fog.
How spectacular it was. You couldn't see more than 10 feet in front of you, and here I was, probably one of few people who are actually dazzled by the clouds drifting by me. It was so amazing to just walk effortlessly, taking deep breaths in and out and send my thoughts out. What's even more amazing is that Blue and I were the only 2 in the park (truth be told, even if there were other ppl in the park we wouldn't've seen them anyways)
I didn't want the walk to end. I wanted to stay there forever with Blue beside me, continuing to be amazed by the foggy world around me. Maybe I am simple minded, and a simple creature, but this fog event has completely made my day. I don't want it to disappear. The whole time I was walking I had a piano composite called "Like You" in my head. It completely captures the magical mood of the fog. If you care to listen, go to this link and hear the kind've fantasical world I am living in right now:
Dear Fog: Please stay. Don't let the sun burn you away.

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Amy said...

I love foggy misty days! Reminds me of early summer mornings when I would go to equestrian shows :)