My Double Lung Transplant

Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Great Escape

One year ago today I escaped from the hospital, aptly scaring the shit out of my parents upon the revelation that they would be re-admitting me to their homestead 2 short weeks after having a transplant. I could not walk but 3 feet, and was essentially like a helpless baby, but release me the hospital did, to wreck havoc and carnage to the world at large.
The above pic was taken exactly a year ago, and you can see the bags of meds and other medical paraphenalia flanking me and my wonderful wheely-chair.
I remember my last day in the hosp. There was a tornado outbreak in Ontario and it was my first day outside. It felt like 40*C and i had on sweatpants and a sweater, and was sitting like an old person in my wheelchair with an IV bag on the back of it, as the sky turned olive green and lightning streaked the sky. I didn't really care that i was a quisessential lightning rod, i was just happy to be outside in my favourite type of weather.

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Kerri said...

Happy anniversary Bree!
I'm so happy for you. I was looking at the pictures on your sidebar; you've come so far! I'm so proud of you!