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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Congrats, we've officially stopped sucking

I'm starting to get excited about school and things in general. I have 1 course left and then I can graduate. 1 course left, and it's a first year. I checked the university bookstore site today and the book is $150. Oh uni, you never fail to rip students off. And luckily for me, it's just one textbook, and none of the additional shit like when they throw a bunch of papers together, bind it, call it a textbook companion, and charge you $100 for something you can get off the internet or smuggle from the library.

I am happy to be going back and partaking in university like a normal, healthy person. Because my 1st-3rd years all I did was go to class (when i felt well enough) and come straight home. I am excited to go to campus and be a part of it all once more.

And also: I GOT A JOB. And not a conventional one. Get this: i got a job DOG WALKING full time. Yeah, I know. How cool is that. And i can wear whatever I want to do it, and go to my night class Thurs night, and hopefully *fingers crossed* fit in my Trillium/RecycleMe volunteer stuff when they need me. I am worried this won't sit well with the new boss, but hopefully it's not a huge issue.

So yea, things are normal now. How weird is that? And i'm excited for everything. And I'm getting hair coloured again today. While i looooooooooove my red hair, i think i'm going to go more towards my natural, light red, since my roots are growing in and they look gross. We'll see what I come up with!

So yup, i'm a normal person now, and I don't feel quite so lame as I did before. Like i said to my friend Robert yesterday, "Congrats to us, we've officially stopped sucking. It only took us all summer."

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