My Double Lung Transplant

Monday, August 9, 2010

Brain Purging

It's time for me to get my shit together. Get my ass in gear. Start moving forward and stop living in the past. Get out of this lazy funk. That's one major downside of transplant, is that you get used to living and having all this free time, that when you actually need to do things, it's hard to find motivation to do it.

Things I need to do:

1) My OGS volunteer work

2) Job hunt - which i always am doing anways

3) Decide on what sport I will be competing in for the World Transplant Games in Sweden next year

4) Start training

5) Go to the mall and pick up another travel book, since it looks like my euro-trip with Evlyn is out:( I really really want to go, but after the games next summer in June, if i went on the euro trip, i'd be gone the whole month of July, and I need to be here because my sister is getting married next August 6th, and I'm the maid-of-honour so I kinda need to be here. BUT! Eve and I will just do another trip! She wants to come here to Canada so maybe we will do a contiki canada tour? Either way, we'll do something

6) Pay fall tuition fees - hate reminding dad of that, ugh

And then there is the immediate stuff i need to do, like go back to the docs for another antibitic. I'm not sick again per ce, because after pneumonia i went on an extra 7 days of Avelox because i was coughing a bit of shit up, and i wanted it erradicated. We had a feeling that it wouldn't work, and that i would begin to become resistant to it, and that is the case. I feel like the Avelox worked abit, but there is still a small bit of mucus in my main bronchus/trach and i want it gone, so i'm going in for an 'emergency' visit today to get something else....It works out, because i also discovered a nice massive bit of heat rash on my scar. Wonderful. Beautiful. Amazingly magical. It doesn't hurt, because i have no feeling under my boobs, but it was flaky after my shower this morning and quite gross. So in all actual-ness, it works out, i can kill two birds with one stone: get a new antibiotic, and get a topical cream for my wonderful rash.

Another immediate thing I need to do/already did, was email the woman who has been contacting me for RecylceMe about how I can fundraise in order to go to the games. I'm glad I did it now as opposed to in the winter when time would be coming to a close. Ugh. So much to so much to do. And this is not including my fall course (which is a first year and once a week so really, not that bad) and then be a maid-of-honour for my lovely sis. I need to figure out how to do that, because I don't know how to be a maid-of-honour. Maybe a maid-of-laziness but not maid-of-honour.

Oh yes, I also wrote back to my donor family. Will give it to my co-ordinator at clinic next Monday.

Ok. Brain has been purged. I feel better now.

P.S. Alice got married on August 7th - my one year. And i've seen the pics and she looked so gorgeous that i shed some happy tears for her. It seems like yesterday that we were both waiting for our transplants and wondering if we'd ever get married...and alas, she has! Congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Chris and Alice Vogt! :)

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