My Double Lung Transplant

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Yeah, these hafta be man lungs

....b/c when I sneeze, holy god people, it's pretty explosive. It's this giant explosion of pain, and snot flies everywhere, and it's so loud and not the dainty little sneeze i had before, that these lungs must've come from a man.

Yeah. I sneeze like a total man now. It's pretty insane.

The buildup to the sneeze is the's this, huff, huff *pause* double-huff BAM! Starts at the base of the ribs where it really hurts, and it was like i got kicked by a baby that was trapped inside my sternum or something. And then goo flew everywhere.

Yeah. That's the only way to sum up the power of the she-man lung-sneeze: bam and goo. Two powerful words to make and epic, timeless statement when referring to sneezing. I sneezed so hard i think i need a Tylenol or something.

In other news lung-related: no one tells you that finding something to actually do - aka, shit to take up your free time or occupy yourself with - would be so difficult. I love reading and currently have 3 books on the go - none of which catch my fancy, so i stood for a long hard while and glared at my shelf (beaming with pride) and mine eyes fell upon Jane Austen and something flickered inside my heart. So i'm gonna try Emma and see how that goes. I find that walking the dogs and gyming is all well and good but it does get old. I find when i sit on MSN too long I feel like a total loser, and then I overthink and analyze too much and worry over things that don't even warrant being worried over. I cleaned my room this aft and organized some stuff and once i did that i immediately felt better in the brain, so tomorrow will see me doing much the same.

Tomorrow i plan on organizing my tea cupboard, which the fam jam has been in a moral uproar over the last few days, what with random tea paraphenalia falling out and hitting people, or just materializing on cupboards that aren't close to where it should actually be.

Since when does, "how much tea do you actually drink?" become an accusation? Because tonight I beleive my dad accused me of drinking too much.

Oh well. At least i'm not an alcoholic. I read too much and drink tea. I'm a harmless creature.

Alrighty. Off to drink tea, do meds, and read me some Jane Austen.

(You like new layout, yes??)


Matt Todd said...

Your updates always are good for a few minutes of entertainment.

Amy said...

Emma is my absolute FAVORITE Jane Austen book!!!!!!!!! Girl you will LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!