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Friday, November 20, 2009

Technology this... that.

Are we really so lazy these days that we can't carry books around in our bags and need some contraption created by Amazon to digitally upload books to read? Are our fingers so crippled from fucking around on BlackBerry and Facebook and MSN that we physically can't bring ourselves to flip a damn page anymore and have to resort to merely touching a 'one-touch' button and have some computer chip do it for us? Because that's where it seems the world is going.

I just saw a little news feature on an iBook, where, god forbid people set foot in a book store and roam around whilst looking for desired literature to enjoy...No, lets just go online, upload the book, and only enjoy the 10% of it.

I dunno about you, but maybe I truely am a book whore. Maybe i put too much emphasis on having the physical thing in my hands. I like the feel of books - the weight, the design, the feel of the pages and covers and stuff...I like the smells of new and old books...and I like watching my collection grow!

I think if i had an iBook I would cry, b/c i'd have nothing to show for my sick addiction. There'd be no sense of accomplishment at the end b/c there's nothing to book mark all the pages you've actually read through. It's just touch, touch, touch, you're done. I dunno.

Maybe I have mental issues. Clearly i've put too much thought into the iBook.

Still no mailage from the Wildertimes. I'm beginning to think Canada Post hates my soul. To quote Jenna, "If Canada Post had a crotch to kick..."

Which i aptly came up the rear and replied with, "I'd kick it right in its ambiguous genitalia."

Today will be spent in my new Reading Hole - a lovely tiny couch located away from the kitchen and thus food and all the way over in the living room, where i will promptly melt into the asthetically ancient fabric of the 1980's style couch and into the world of either An Echo in the Bone, Galway Bay, or Dawn on a Distant Shore...


Sarah H. said...

I completely agree!! The ibook and kindle hold no appeal to me AT ALL. Good post :)

Megan said...

Yup, the ibooks just take away the meaning of having an actual book in your hands. I like to see a packed bookshelf with too many too choose from, rather than a crap piece of technology. It's as if people are actually ashamed of having books.

The inventor to that piece of crap should be pushed! Xx

Jess said...

I agree as well. Part of why I like books is the smell! Plus I have a whole bookcase that would make no sense if I had something like the Kindle. Does the Kindle even show the covers of the books? YUCK.

Princess Talana said...

I thought going from real books to a kindle would be a little weird, but I can unequivocally say, I LOVE MY KINDLE! I do still buy books, hardbound, nice ones that I really like, but if I'm just interested in taking it for a spin? Then it gets bought on the Kindle. They're cheaper 95% of the time, so that means more books! Also, so happy to not have a million and one books to move to Vegas... though even with sending a bunch to charity I still ended up with several boxes.

I also love being able to preview a book, read a few chapters, for free, and decide if I like the writer, the style, the story. And if I read about a cool book, I can buy it, read it, and love it, all without leaving my bed.

Yes, I do like having a real book, and I'd say 1 out of every 5 books I read are a real one, but for traveling? I can bring hundreds of books in something that weighs less than a pound? Full of win. Also, I love that I can put it in a ziploc bag, read in the bathtub, and never have to worry about getting my book wet!

Princess Talana said...

Also, I forgot this... my husband is an even bigger reader than me. Has hundreds of books on his shelf. He resisted the Kindle. Bought it for me for Christmas last year, but had no plans on getting one for himself. He liked a "real" book in his hands, and his huge bookshelf. Four months later he had bought one for himself because he saw how nice it was for some reading. He like me still buys some "real" books, but he also does a lot of reading on the Kindle.

Also I love it as a serial re-reader. I keep books around because I may want to re-read them, but that may be years down the road. Now they are all stored for me, and I can pull them up whenever I want, and instead of a bookshelf full of books that were okay, but not great, but may want to reread, I have a bookshelf of only my favorites.

thebravestredhead said...

Agreed. There's a really great bookmark they give out at our local bookstore which basically (tongue in cheek) says "fabulous new invention the BOOK" ... goes onto say how it doesn't need batteries, or plug-ins, is totally portable, etc etc.

I agree with you Bree, totally, and like to recycle my books onto friends almost as much as I like to watch my collection grow! A bookshelf is such a great reflection of who we are as people. Having it squirreled away on some hard drive is just so... modern. And modern I aint.

I just finished a great book about Guy Fawkes. Did you know his name was really Guido? LOL. Anyhow, having read about him on Wikipedia is nothing compared to holding his story in my hands in various and sundry waiting rooms. Books make stuff come alive. And I don't get eye strain reading a book, but I can't imagine reading a book on a screen!!!!