My Double Lung Transplant

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Scary House on Scary Lane....and 100 stairs

First, I have to state how proud I am of myself for having gotten all my meds (temp, blood sugar testing, gastro pill and the 1/2 hour wait until i can eat, and then the wretched nebulized amphotericin included) and all my pills taken and completed by 9:15 this AM. I started at 9 and was done everything by 9:15 so the fact that I woke and got straight to work paid off! Very proud of myself! Had some orange juice, a banana, and Nature Valley bar for breakfast. Go me!

Ok, onto the pics!
The Ascent: This is not all 100 stairs: after you get passed the steel part at the very top, there's a little bridge you must cross, and then the rest of the stairs (about 25-35) follow. Next slide please...
WE MADE IT! The view from the top...Unfortunately, kinda ugly:
The Scary, Scary House, on Scary, Scary Lane...
The gates...says "WYOMING 1860"

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Amy said...

OMG that house was gorgeous in its hayday!!!!!! I'm so jealous!!!!!!!!!