My Double Lung Transplant

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Stuff...Thoughts...Brain functions

Has to do with lungs and lung-in-a-box at TGH. Nice pics - not gorey. Will update more later whem boredom has taken over and comsumed my brain.

* * * *

As promised, and expected, I've thought of more to say, as boredom has thoroughly leeched itself into my brain.

After living with an iPod that hasn't been updated for over half a year, it finally dawned on me that is it infact possible to update all the shit on and off of it via an exciting little box called an 'external hard-drive'. For others much like myself who are wholeheartedly considered mentally disabled when it comes to all-things technological, i'm saddened that it's taken me so many months to reach this genius conclusion. After all, my external harddrive has only been sitting on a shelt above my head collecting dust since it's arrival this past March. I knew there had to be a way that didn't involve a painful adventure with the acer. Acer+updating iPod = i'd rather have my sternum cut open all over again than sit here in a rage waiting for the acer to process the mess of my iPod. No one should have to endure that.

So i got the lappy and we're gonna work it out. I think i can do it. I think i can i think i can i know i can!

*end inspirational moment here*.

Um. What else? TGH galavanting was good. I bussed, I masked, i bled, i pft'd, i card-delivered, i lunched, i bussed back home, and re-masked. No one was coughing and gagging all over the place spreading plague which was grand. PFTs were 70%. Excellent. I skipped from the lab and dashed to the elevators b/c too many ppl were hacking in the waiting room and i didn't wanna catch anything.

Slept on the bus home. Refrained from making strange sounds whilst asleep (remember the last time? repeat this time, thankfully).

Um...i did have something legit worth writing about but i can't remember.

Did i post last week that Marilyn got her lungs? Well she did, and she died lastnight:( I don't know why yet, but I was supposed to visit her today but alas i could not. She was from NS and we were close. She was a sweet heart who was a great advocate for people who had to relocate from out East and needed financial assistance. She was not ashamed to ask and advocate on behalf of herself and others in her shoes. She waited over 2 and a half years for this miracle; her hubby just came down to join her, after essentially selling everything they had to do so. And now...he has no wife, and no home to go back to. Where on the spectrum of fairness does this fall, I cannot tell you, b/c it fails to register anywhere on my own personal conception of fairness to be honest. I'm just gutted. She was a great lady and so full of life. I really was looking forward to seeing her post-tx.

Marilyn, wherever you've landed, I know you think this is pretty bullshit. I can maybe say with 100% accuracy that when you reached the other side the first thought to cross your mind was, "what the fuck is this?". The audacity of it all blows my mind. As i've always said, being friends with others in this lung transplant business is dangerous stuff, b/c one minute your friends are there, and the next, for unknown reasons, they're gone, without reason.

Maybe you were too good for this world. Maybe there's a special place out there reserved for people who have lung disease and transplant? Who knows? I don't know what else to say. I miss you. I will miss seeing you in the treadmill room. I will miss bitching about new people with you and how much we hate them and their happy attitudes. I will miss your emails. I will miss your kindness and friendship. Most of all, I miss what I can't have: hearing how wonderful you're finding life on the flip side of the transplant coin.


To Marilyn:

I wish I could save you
I wish I could say to you
It's gonna be alright

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