My Double Lung Transplant

Monday, August 31, 2009

Back in the T-dot

First things first: HAPPY 25th BIRTHDAY ALICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After a massively insanely busy - but boring all at once - weekend, mum and i are once again safely ensconced at our place in the T-dot. I thought i had all these plans with friends this weekend but every single one ended up falling through so i didn't do anything. I did however, stay up till about 2:30 on Sat night talking on MSN Webcam with Megs and that was great! We had so many laughs and showed eachother our scars and it was great!!!!! My swelling has not occured in 2 days and the feet feel great and I am a happy lady!!!! As well, my pain is a little better, tho i have a spot of pain in my sternum at the moment. I really need to not carry things when i know i shouldn't. Even tho they are no where near 10 lbs i have to stop. I woke up convinced I was starving today and as a result had left over mac and cheese with ketchup at 9:30 am for breakfast with my meds. WHAT A HORRIBLE IDEA. I felt like utter shit for 4 hours and I was supposed to go grocery shopping with mum but all i wanted to do was nap. I tried to nap and all mum and my sister did was send me text msgs! I was a total bitch, but am feeling much better now!

Um what else? I still feel awful first thing in the morning. I'm just so sore and stiff and passes in an hour or so but still...i never thought i'd dread going to bed so much! But enough complaining already!

I have my first bronch tomorrow at 8am! Must be ther at 7:30 and no eating after midnight. I can only take my Cyclosporin with 'small sips of water' before my bronch and that is it. Weds I have only physio at 9am, then Thurs bloods, PFTs, physio, and Friday, x-ray, clinic, physio, HOME AGAIN and hopefully friends!

I can already feel myself feeling better than I did last week. I am moving around a lot easier, the pain is a lot less and i'm generally feeling more human.

As well, u may have noticed i changed the look once again. I am much happier with this look. It's happy: not dark and depressing. I also got a cute ticker which makes me happy too!!

I hope the font is easy to read.

I think that's it. Mum and I are having chilli for supper. I hope you're all well!!


Kellee said...

Yay for feeling good!!
Ive been sending feel good vibes your way via feel good fairy..looks like they made it safely ;)

Amy said...

I do like the new background :) I would say the text is a bit hard to read but my eyes are swollen shut (I'll tell you on msn tonight if we catch each other) so it could just be that.

I'm glad you are doing so well Bree! It makes me so stinking happy!!!!!

<3 you tons!

Meghann "Former Queen of the O2 People" said...

Comparing scars is so awesome. Its nice to have a friend that also has a big ass scar under their tits. THanks friend, for being as scarred as I am :) Hehehhehehehe. love you! Glad the pain is getting better!

Alice said...

THANKS for the birthday wishes!!!!!! You're doing great :-D