My Double Lung Transplant

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Welcome Sporonox, Everyone

Well, after much calling, bitching and moaning, nausea, vomitting, disorientation, sleeping, daziness (is that a word?), i called up my co-ordinator, pleaded my case that Vfend hated me and was trying to kill me, and after much waiting, was switched back to Sporonox. HURRAY!

And after all the feelings of shittiness, it was my dear friend Katey who informed me that I was severely dehydrated from the med! The numb feeling i thought i felt in my face, was actually horrendous dry skin and lips. So i've been drinking nothing but water the last two days and consuming watermelon and the likes, and i feel soooooooooooo much better! Weds through Fri had to be the worst days: i had a hair appt Friday and felt so sick that I contemplated cancelling it, b/c my stomach felt terrible, i had a raging headache, and i was exhausted. So tired that i fell asleep AT the hairdressers! YES. Highly embarassing and hard to explain myself once i had woken up, but nonetheless, I am feeling a lot better!

Havent needed stomach-settling meds in a while. I'm not taken Gravol, it's something that starts with a "D" and is about ___________________ that long in length, no lie. I'm able to stay awake but i still sleep 10+ hours at night. I'm not as foggy in my head, and i feel safe to drive now! It was nice in a bizarre way b/c for the whole week that i was dying from Vfend, it took away the shittiness feeling in my lungs, but now that the rest of me is ready-set-spaghetti, les lungs are back to taking centre stage but what can you do? I can stand for more than 5 minutes now without collapsing so i won't complain!

No real word on Meghann or Carol. Last I heard, Megs was still pretty drugged but able to walk around. I havent gotten an update on Carol since my last post, and i posted what i knew!

So that's about it. I'm not exciting. I hope my call comes soon and i hope the weekend finds you well!

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Jess said...

So glad your nausea/dizziness episode is over! I've never had Sporonox, but if you're feeling better on it, then good. Seems like we can never leave our nagging lungs behind, but someday soon!!