My Double Lung Transplant

Friday, July 17, 2009

Phlebotomist 101

I swept into the blood taking office today like a star. My appearances there are weekly and I have been going so frequently that they know me now. I just throw my healthcard and order thingy on the counter and sail into which ever blood taking room i desire, and sit down in the lazy boy.

I scanned the wall and all it's diagrams, noting which vial colours were for what. I could not locate the one for 'liver' but you'd think going every week and staring at the vials so often, that i would know, but no, i do not.

The lady came in and we chatted, and then she took my blood. I directed her where to go, she found a vein, i winced, blew out my breath slowly, and it was done.

"I think you'd be used to this by now," she said.

"I am, but the needle hurts; it's so big."

"Oh. Sorry..."

"It's ok, they always use Butterfly needles for me, or IV needles..."

It was then that I was struck with a startling realization: i was telling the blood taking lady which needle size i actually preferred. I HAVE A NEEDLE SIZE PREFERENCE. WHO HAS THAT? This is a sure sign that i spend more time in medical facitilities than anywhere else, if i can calmly dictate to the blood taking lady the barrel size i prefer, as well as the proper name for it, and not to mention that i can locate effective veins for her so i prevent myself from being stabbed repeatedly for no real reason.

This also reminds me of a facebook test i did today: What ICU med are you? Matt Todd got 'Versed" with Amy and I collecting "Vancomycin" as our drug of choice. Funny to us; sad to everyone else that we can correctly identify the meds without needing descriptions.


So yes.

I saw Harry Potter lastnight. It was magnicifant. I cannot wait for the next one in 2010. It is too far away. Tonight: I make salsa with Jess. YIPPEE!!


Megan said...

If it helps, I also tell them I prefer butterflies if they try and stab me with a big fat needle, and I also know which veins to point out. Actually, not only that, but I also demand the numbing spray stuff they have and effectively know how to use it better than the nurses. I'm just that cool. Xx

Amy said...

LOL I always point them to the right veins to use. As for the vials and needles...I can't even look at them or I will pass out when they stick me. So colors, sizes etc I am clueless :)

I had my clinic appt yesterday and I felt sad for myself when the security guard said "Pulmonary right? I recognize you from last time".....grrrrrrrrrrrrreat!

Bree said...

Yeah i'm starting to get that, "I know youuuuuuuuu" with the "you" spoken in a kind of dreadful tone. Oh well!