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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Don't make fun of the 80's hair

I managed to ruin my mum's perfectly good mood today with one simple statement. It started when I told her that my friend and her family were getting family pics today.

It went like this:

Me: Jess and them are getting fam pics today.
Mum: Awwwwww good for them! Do they know what they are going to wear?
Me: No, but i could show her our family pic from when we were kids, and Ash and I had on the matching McDonalds outfits...
Mum: Those were so cute - they had matching skirts.
Me: It was before i was fat. It's funny, coz Ash and i had to stand on either side of you instead of behind you, b/c your hair was so big it would have blocked us out of the picture...
Mum: *silence*
Me: I'm kidding.
Mum: *silence*
Me: You have to admit that was pretty funny.
Mum: *silence*
Me: *walks away*

All in all it can be safe to say that if ever your day needs to be ruined, just come to me and i can find a way to do it. And i will succeed. I had meant it as a joke, but clearly my mum didn't see it that way. Maybe she doesn't understand, but when you're 4/5 years old, and your mums hair resembles a tangled bush, you cannot be expected to stand behind it or the person, and be assured that you will in fact, show up in the picture. As a result, we were shuttled onto either side of our mother (barely making it into the picture frame, having to also dodge shoulder pads), and all was well.

My mother, on the other hand, fails to see the humor in the situation. So i don't know what to do. Maybe some day...maybe.

Salsa night was good. Scary movie night was good too. I succeeded in scary myself at night, and Jess. When we were watching the special features, i pointed out to her that her basement door (directly across from her) was wide open, and dark, and scary, and probably harboured a demon or a spirit or a possessed doll or something. She asked me why i would say that, i said i didn't know.

I got home and the house was dark. The only thing i could remember was that the special feature featurette on the real ppl who experienced A Haunting in Conneticut, said that the alleged spirits attacked them when they were alone - defenseless and vulnerabe. I realized at that moment, that I too was alone, and defenseless, and vulnerable, and that i was standing in a dark house, and that i couldn't breathe right, and that in the event that i were ambushed by a ghost that it would probably kill me b/c i couldn't run away from it, or hide. Because it was dark, and I cannot breathe.

I ventured into the living room to turn my thing on. And i remembered the featurette (on post-mortem photography) saying that funerals used to be held at the the deceased person's home in the parlor, and that the parlor was essentially used for funerals. These funerals would go on for days to accomodate the throngs of people who would show up offering condolenses. But once funeral homes were established and more widely used, houses stopped being used to showcase funerals and the name parlor was abandoned, being replaced by 'living room' - a room for the living.

That also succeeded in scarying me.

I tried to forget that the ppl said that spirits attacked them when they were alone in the bathroom, so i got ready for bed with all the lights on and the door open, b/c then i wouldn't really be alone, b/c my actions would wake my sister up and i'd be free...

I think that's it.

80's hair, ghosts, all pretty scary.

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Amy said...

hahahahahahah OMG too freaking funny!!!!!!!!!!!

80s hair...I had 80s bangs way back when...they were HUGE!!! and yes shoulder pads....

LMFAO about the scary ghost shit hahahahahhahah