My Double Lung Transplant

Monday, July 13, 2009

Excuse me while I syringe up my Tobi...

I waltzed into the pharmacy today to pick up the dreaded Tobi. After giving myself a vacation from it since the end of April, I decided it was time to give it another go. I got to the counter and told them my name and the pharamcy lady person went to the back and got it, and soon presented me the big box of Tobi complete with icepacks since she forgot to put it in the fridge.

She sat it on the counter and decided to have a chat with me. A chat I soon learned, which was the result of yet another med dose change unbeknownst to me. Joy to the world.

*enter heavy European accent here* Tha doze, eet's changed.
Me: Yes?
Pharmacy lady: Eenstead of nebulizing 300mg per ampule, you only nebulize 2.6mL. See?
Me: What?
PL: You take a thrynge and go do tha 2.6mL mark, and desscard the rest of thee ampule. Do you follow?
Me: No.
*demonstrates* Like deese.
Me: Oh.
Pharmacy lady: Do nat forlget to poot theese in da fridge - it's vewwy expensive...over $3000.
Me: Yes.

She proceeded to tell me other things that I should do, but i was so confused and pissed off about this stupid thing that i stopped listening and got tunnel vision. The world swirled in front of my eyes. Anger reddened my vision. My pants were slipping off my waist and exposing my undies...I simply couldn't concentrate. I had to flee as fast as PeterPan and get the hell out.

WTF KINDA SHIT IS THAT?! SYRINGING UP 2.6 (SIX!?) mills of Tobi as opposed to using the whole thing? Throwing away more than half the full ampule? She informed me that it was over $3000, SO WHY THE HELL AM I GETTING RID OF HALF OF IT IF IT'S SO BLOODY EXPENSIVE?! EXCUSE ME WHILE I SHOOT SOMEONE!

I was pissed that yet again, my med dose had been changed without me knowing it. I wouldn't mind if when they wrote a new script, they informed me of it, then i wouldn't be so pissed. BUT LEAVING IT FOR ME TO FIND OUT WHEN I PICK THE SHIT UP AND RAISE HELL WITH THE PHARMACY PEOPLE?! WHAT THE FUCK PEOPLE?!?!?! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

AND THEN! THEN! My co-ordinator calls me and informs me that my liver levels are elevated b/c of the Sporanox. YAY. FUCKING GREAT! Now what the fuck am i supposed to do? She asked me how bad i felt when I was on Vfend, and i think telling her that i pretty much thought I was dying was enough to convince her that I wouldn't be ok with being put back on it. Jesus Fuck people. She is calling me back tomorrow to inform me of what they're going to do about it.

AND THEN! THEN - there's more yes! I was going out and i dropped my phone in a bowl of water!


And instead of swearing and screaming i just said, "OHHHHHHH!"

"OH!" people! Not "Oh fucking shit!", not, "OH ARMAGEDDON!", not, "OH HOLY NIGHT!" just "OH!" like I gave a shit but not quite enough. So later tonight i went with my mum and got a new phone (an early bday present) and i'm ectactic but i'm too frigging stupid and impatient to figure out all the ins and outs of this wonder. All i want to do is use it but alas i must learn the tricks of the trade.

I have lost all my contacts. I have lost my liver. I have lost my mind.

You'll excuse me, as I have to go draw up 2.6 mL of tobi like a diligent little child...


BreathinSteven said...

I em zorry jew have sush dee bad day - I em hoping jew have dee bedder day on tomorrow. (In my best European accent...)

Last time I dropped my phone, all I could think about was that stupid joke about the idiot who drops a quarter in the urinal -- he stands there looking at it -- finally, he tosses in another three quarters. His friend asks him why he did that and he tells the friend, "I'm not putting my hand in there for a quarter -- but I'll put it in there for a dollar!!!"

So I hear a big ker-SPLASH as it slides off my belt and as I'm diving in after it, before it gets too wet, all's I'm thinking about is the idiot tossing another three quarters in... Luckily, it was before I started anything and though I lost my memory chip with my phone numbers on it too -- the rest of it dried off nicely with a hair dryer.

I learned to clip it on my pants AND my belt, not just loop it on my belt. And, for the next few weeks, any time someone asked if they could borrow my phone, they would follow it with, "why are you grinning like that..."

I'm sorry about the TOBI -- and I know what you mean about wasting meds like that after they tell you how expensive it is, then to waste part of it... I hope it does the trick -- and I hope you avoid the Vfend... More than all of that, I hope you get your new blowers soon, Bree -- that would make so much of this go away...

Hang in there, buckaroo... You're in my thoughts...

Love, Steve

Jessica said...

Hands down this is my most favorite post! Only because I can relate to well to the whole Pharmacy thing. Thanks for giving me a good laugh, it was much needed. Sorry that it had to be at your expence... :(
I hope that tomorrow might be a tiny bit better. Now go and inhale your Tobi...

P.S. why does Tobi smell like dirty feet???

Amy said...

Stupid stupid stupid. Do all the TOBI anyways LOL
KIDDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

LOL ! Steven's joke about the phone. I liked that haha!


Anonymous said...

In your shoes, I used to refrigerate the unused part and use it on subsequent doses. that shit's like liquid gold!